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Suns tease jersey reveal: “They’re back!”

Some familiar retired Phoenix Suns faces (and voices) came together for a pretty cool teaser video

Monday morning, the Phoenix Suns official social medias shared a teaser for the return of one of if not the most popular jerseys in team history with an official announcement set for Tue. Aug. 23.

Former players from Mark West to Dan Majerle and more to Al McCoy’s suave voice, many pillars of the Suns’ illustrious history show up beaming with excitement for what could only be the return of the sunburst jerseys made famous in the 90’s — McCoy is even rocking a t-shirt with the sunburst in the teaser — including when Charles Barkley led Phoenix to their second of three ever NBA Finals appearances. He even had a 30-point triple double in those Finals while wearing the purple sunbursts:

@SunsUniTracker has been decisively right at just about every step along the way with Suns uniform news, and he has a pretty great mockup of this edition of the sunburst:

Pending the look of the shorts, I’m thrilled to have the sunbursts back. I always use them whenever I play NBA 2K as the Suns (though I wish the black was coming back as well).

I would love to buy a Mikal Bridges sunburst jersey as soon as possible, but I may have to hold off before any Kevin Durant situation is ultimately resolved.

Edited to note that the Suns have made three Finals appearances, not two.

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