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Sunburst is back — are the good vibes coming with it?

It’s the 30th anniversary of an iconic uniform set. And the Suns are bringing them back!

The moment the Phoenix Suns fans have been waiting decades for is finally upon us.

No, I’m not referring to Larry O’Brien’s arrival in downtown Phoenix and the subsequent ticker tape parade. That would be the best-case scenario. But what I’m referring to is the return of the franchise’s most distinctive, celebrated, and desired uniform set in its history.

The 1992-93 sunburnt Suns jerseys are back.

We knew it was coming. SunsUniTracker on Twitter began referencing the possibility earlier this year. The Suns then released a teaser yesterday, with appearances by members of the 1992-93 roster stating, “They’re back”.

The Phoenix Suns released a retro-fitted Twitter video dripping with nostalgia, from NBA JAM to disposable cameras, scratching and boom boxes to lip phones. Deandre Ayton was the star of the drop, rocking old school Suns gear and sporting the sunburst uniform set.

For those of you under 30, this may have felt like just another post. But for those of us who remember the time, the era, and the significance of the sunburst uniforms, it was a sight to behold.

The 30th anniversary of the 1992-93 Phoenix Suns sunburst uniforms reminds us all of when Phoenix truly became an NBA powerhouse. It was the season in which Charles Barkley, fresh off an appearance with the Dream Team, came to Phoenix and changed the culture.

Sure, the team had success prior to Barkley’s arrival. They made an appearance in the 1976 NBA Finals and were consistently a 50+ win team with Kevin Johnson, Tom Chambers, Dan Majerle, and Jeff Hornacek. But it wasn’t until Barkley’s arrival that the team found success that had been unmatched. It was the same season they moved into America West Arena and it was a clear change in direction for the franchise.

Here we are, 30 years later, and the team that won 64 games last season will pay homage to the team that started us on this path. The Suns released a sexy 30th anniversary logo along with the uniforms set.

For more information on the uniform set, visit: SUNS.COM/JERSEYS

The question isn’t how good will these jerseys look when the team is playing. The question is which one are you gonna buy?

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