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PayPal ‘will not renew their sponsorship’ if Sarver is involved with the Suns organization

Brick by brick, the wall is starting to crumble to the ground.

The Phoenix Suns find themselves in an interesting predicament following the suspension of Robert Sarver. The countdown to destruction has begun. The only thing standing in the way of Robert Sarver’s resignation is his ego. And it’ a big one.

It’s no secret that fans of the team do not have a high approval rating of Robert Sarver. From rumors to moving the team to his conduct prior to the investigation, his actions haven’t sent well with the Phoenix faithful. Remember, Greta? When Suns fans have ever had a chance to voice their opinion, Robert Sarver has scoffed and looked the other way.

Other voices are now speaking out about Sarver, and their voices carry more weight.

First it was the players who voiced this disgust with the NBA’s decision to simply suspend Sarver for one year and fine him $10 million — oh, and he has to attend a sensitivity training — as Chris Paul and LeBron James expressed their dismay via Twitter.

The people? Check.

Next it was the City of Phoenix who expressed their frustration with the decision, noting that the NBA’s decision was, “ineffective disciplinary action.” Mayor Kate Gallego, in a statement released alongside Phoenix councilmembers, stated that they would investigate options they could take relative to the matter.

The city? Check.

How are Suns’ minority owners feeling about it? While Vice Chairman Sam Garvin has been tasked with being the interim governor of the team, fellow Vice Chairman Jahm Najafi has called for Sarver to resign.

The Suns’ owners? Check.

Now Sarver could be hurt where it counts, his checkbook. PayPal, whose logo has graced the uniforms of the Phoenix Suns since 2018, has now threatened to pull out of their agreement to sponsor the team.

Could this be the nail in coffin?

Money talks. Will Sarver walk? Time will tell.

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