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TNT Thursday Night: It’s a Same Game Parlay kind of night

A fun slate of games exists on Thursday night. Let’s make it more interesting by combining our bets!

Los Angeles Lakers v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

The Phoenix Suns have had an up and down season to date. It could be frustrating seeing them try to navigate the injuries set before them. It’s disheartening to see a team that won 64 games a year ago struggle as much as they are.

It might not be enjoyable for basketball fans. But we can still have a good time. That’s the advantage of the DraftKings Sportsbook. We witnessed Phoenix upset the Warriors on TNT on Tuesday – which I’m sure plenty of people lost money on – and TNT is back on Thursday with another slate of games that can be profitable if you put the money in the right places.

Where should your money go?

I’m here to let you know! Let’s take a look at the Thursday night slate and what edges exist for those looking to make a little coin while enjoying the beautiful sport that is basketball.

Boston Celtics @ Brooklyn Nets

BOS Spread: -3 (-110) Moneyline: -150

BKN Spread: +3 (-110) Moneyline: +130


The Boston Celtics are getting plenty of run on prime time this season, as well they should. The currently sit atop the Eastern Conference with a 30-12 record, which is the best record in the league. TNT struck gold in this game as Boston is battling Brooklyn, who is the number two overall seed in the Eastern Conference.

A fun game to watch indeed.

Unfortunately the Nets will be without Kevin Durant who was arguably having the best season of his career on both ends of the floor. His absence most likely affects this moneyline, for if he was present, the Nets would likely be favored.

Betting Advice:

How do we navigate this one from a betting standpoint?

There’s two things that I think are relevant to this game. The first is that the Celtics have covered the spread in each of their last seven games against Atlantic Division opponents. The other is that Ben Simmons has scored 11 or more points in 13 of his last 14 appearances against the Celtics. His line right now is currently 8.5 points scored.

Let’s use DraftKings Same Game Parlay tool to put these two options together. Take the Boston spread, parlay that with Ben Simmons nine or more points, and you get a bet that is +300. Print that.

Dallas Mavericks @ Los Angeles Lakers

DAL Spread: -3 (-110) Moneyline: -145

LAL Spread: +3 (-110) Moneyline: +125


TNT’s second game features the Mavs and the Lakers. A month ago this might be a trash game. The Lakers have been playing much better as of late, however, winning five straight prior to their most recent loss. The Mavericks, at 23-19, have lost their last two games. But Luka Doncic is much see TV.

Betting Advice:

What’s interesting about the history between these two is that six of the last seven games between the Mavericks and the Lakers at Arena have gone under the total points line. Spencer Dinwiddie has recorded six or more assists in seven of his last eight games against the Lakers.

Let’s once again pull out that Same Game Parlay tool on the DraftKings app. Let’s take the under 235.5 point total and couple that with Spencer Dinwiddie over 5.5 assists.

That gives us a + 350 betting line. I like those. I like those very much.

If we take all four bets combined, utilizing that beautiful Same Game Parlay tool that DraftKings provides us, we are getting a + 1700 bet. Go for it! Have some fun! Watch some Thursday night basketball on TNT and root for those four things to happen. Boston covers the spread, Ben Simmons scores nine or more points, the Mavs and Lakers game goes under, and Spencer Dinwiddie gets more than 5.5 assists.

Sounds like a fun Thursday night to me! Best of luck to you, Bright Siders, and best of bets.

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