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Long-Term Outlook: Who will be the Suns’ Point Guard of the future?

What should the Suns’ plan be for the point guard position looking at the bigger picture?

Toronto Raptors take on the Phoenix Suns Richard Lautens/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Before starting this, let’s make one thing clear. The Chris Paul acquisition has been a massive win for the Phoenix Suns.

Regardless of his age, contract, and how this season has gone, etc., if you knew the Suns would reach the NBA Finals in his first season here and win 64 games the next, you’re taking that deal ten times out of ten.

Father Time is undefeated as we all know, and the decline has slowly started to hit the Point God through both injuries and his play.

Unfortunately for Phoenix, the injuries at the guard position have run rampant, as Booker, Payne, and Shamet have all missed time both with and without CP3, making the Suns’ guard rotation a nightmare. Those injuries have made Paul’s life on the court a lot more difficult than it should be for someone his age.

He’s still a productive player, but you can only ask for so much from him under these circumstances.

So this begs the question: when should Phoenix address its long-term need at the point guard position?

This nugget of info courtesy of Jake Fischer reveals the Suns’ desire to potentially address the position as soon as this or next month.

Whether it’s a “traditional” point guard or just another guard that can create their own shot and actually dribble the basketball, finding a fit alongside Devin Booker in the backcourt is pretty simple due to his versatility. Book’s ability to play both on and off ball bodes well for him from a team-building perspective looking big picture.

There’s even a world where I believe “point Book” could be a permanent solution if they can place another ball-handling wing that can create their own shot (or for others) alongside him.

That being said, let’s shift the focus back to the point guard position and sift through some potential options for the Suns whether it’s at the trade deadline or this offseason.

Potential Fits?

Trae Young- PG, Atlanta Hawks

This one comes with the turmoil in Atlanta. I don’t see it being a realistic option unless the Hawks truly decide to move on from him and would have interest in some sort of three-teamer with the Suns.

Don’t hold your breath on this one. It would require many moving parts, including Phoenix actually being interested in him, which isn’t a given at this point believe it or not.

Fred VanVleet- PG, Toronto Raptors

The Toronto Raptors are the team that everyone will be sitting around waiting for at the trade deadline. If they decide to blow it up, they have an abundance of high-quality rotation players to deal that can make a real impact for teams down the stretch.

Siakam, OG, FVV, Gary Trent Jr., and others are likely all on the table if they decide to blow it up.

This article from the Athletic indicates Phoenix’s (continued) interest in acquiring Fred VanVleet.

FVV and Booker would be quite the dynamic backcourt, but there are many hurdles along the way financially to make that happen if it were to be via free agency.

Terry Rozier- PG, Charlotte Hornets

Charlotte is having quite a disappointing season and could use a boost to their tanking efforts.

Dealing Rozier makes sense for the Hornets and the Suns have been linked to him in the past by this current front office, so keep an eye here.

D’Angelo Russell- PG, Minnesota Timberwolves

Russell and Booker have a great relationship so it would be negligent to not include him as an option here.

I’m not entirely sure “DLo” is a James Jones guy, but he could provide a nice offensive punch and is a capable playmaker.

Collin Sexton- PG, Utah Jazz

Sexton would be a buy-low option given his limited season missing 20+ games and only averaging 24 minutes per game when he does play.

He’s still recovering and attempting to get back to his old ways, so Phoenix could swoop in and try to get him before his value (potentially) surges.

Stop Gap Solutions

Tyus Jones- PG, Memphis Grizzlies

Monte Morris- PG, Washington Wizards

Tre Jones- PG, San Antonio Spurs

Internal Options

Cameron Payne- PG, Phoenix Suns

Duane Washington Jr.- G, Phoenix Suns

There are so many moving parts on this roster right now it’s difficult to tell what the direction will be, but keep an eye out on the point guard market in the coming weeks.

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