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Last chance! Donate $15+ THIS WEEK to Bright Side Night for a chance at a signed Ayton jersey!

In partnership with the Phoenix Suns, your friendly neighborhood blog community gets another chance to send underprivileged, deserving kids to their first NBA game.

I can’t believe we are only a week away from the SEVENTH annual Bright Side Night, where our Bright Side community donates Phoenix Suns tickets to thousands of deserving and underprivileged children from all over the Valley!

We have entered the FINAL WEEK of donations, so here’s a new incentive for you:

!!! All donors this week are entered into a drawing for a signed Deandre Ayton jersey !!!

Best case, you can wear it proudly to games for at least four more years of deep playoff runs. Second best case, it becomes a collector’s item.

All you need to do is donate to Bright Side Night this week:

2023 is already the biggest and best year yet!

Not only because of a huge $100,000 donation from the new (to-be) Suns owners, Mat and Justin Ishbia, who believe in this cause and want to make an impact on our community.

Not only because Suns marketing partner First Bank have donated 200 tickets to this great cause.

But also because YOU GUYS AND GALS did your part. Thousands of tickets being given out are from YOUR donations, as little as $15 a pop.

What does that add up to? With a week of donations to go, we are primed to send more than 7,600 kids and their chaperons to Suns games this spring. That’s already a record for us!

Notice I said games. As in plural. Because there was never that many available $15 seats on Bright Side Night, January 30 vs. Raptors, to begin with. The Suns are selling out every game these days.

So here’s the deal: about 40% of the tickets (about 3,000) will be given to underprivileged kids for the January 30 game next Monday versus the Raptors. The remainder will be spread out among seven other games between January 30 and the end of the season.

And yet, there ARE STILL some $15 seats available!

You can still donate this week, and every $15 will still send TWO more kids to a game because the Suns — yes, under the existing Suns ownership group — are still matching every donation.

Here’s how:

  • Click this link:
  • It’s $15 per ticket. Everything goes to the kids. No extra fees or charges.
  • The Suns MATCH every single donation. You buy one, they buy one. You buy 25, they buy 25.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the donation.
  • Very soon thereafter (allow a day or two), you will get a confirmation email directly from our Suns ticket rep, Connor Sprague, about your donation and what comes next.

That’s it!

What’s in it for you?

Oh, there IS always something in it for YOU

  • Every donation THIS WEEK, no matter how big or small, get entered into a drawing for a signed AYTON jersey.
  • $15 = one ticket, but TWO kids go because the Suns will match it
  • Everyone who donates 2-9 tickets will send 4 kids for every $30, AND you get exclusive discounts to future games
  • $150 donates 10 tickets AND the Suns will double it to 20 tickets AND you get a pair of upper-level tickets for yourself
  • $375 donates 25 tickets AND the Suns will double it to 50 tickets AND you get a pair of lower-level tickets for yourself
  • $750 donates 50 tickets AND the Suns will double it to 100 tickets AND you get two pairs of lower-level tickets for yourself
  • Every donor who goes to the game gets a FREE Bright Side Night t-shirt for your comfy shirt / Suns swag drawer

*design credit to our very own John Voita!

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