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Love for the Wonder Twins

Showing some love for Cam Johnson and Mikal Bridges of the Phoenix Suns

Brooklyn Nets v Phoenix Suns Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images

How much do we love Cam Johnson and Mikal Bridges, Suns fans?

The Wonder Twins have always showed such a true connection and have been such a blessing to fans of the Phoenix Suns.

If you have criticized either or both, I’ll look past that. We all make mistakes and/or want more. That’s ok.

Just answer me one question. Which one would you trade to have Josh Jackson back?

This is a new era of winning basketball and these two are a huge part of it.

While Mikal continues to be Ironman, Cam J suffered a serious injury and missed quite a bit of time.

Somehow he defied the odds and picked up on the little tear he was on pre-injury.

The Suns are also back to their winning ways and as much as we miss Book the connection these two have has led to instant wins - Cam J was the water.

We all still want Devin Booker back ASAP and hopefully he adds fuel to this fire and the Suns torch the league.

But I want to take a minute to acknowledge the Johnson-Bridges Wonder Twins connection and what they’ve both meant to the team as a duo.

Here’s a stat for you. Not counting the game where he got hurt and only played FIVE minutes, the Suns have a 11-2 record this season in games that Cam Johnson has appeared in.

*all stats from here on out do not include Monday’s Suns-Raptors game

Without that injury game, this season Cam is shooting 48.9% from the field and 46.9% from three, netting 3.2 treys and scoring 16 points per game.

Now here are Mikal Bridges’ stats in those 12 games:

52.9% FG
40.8% 3P - 1.7 treys
20.3 points
4.7 rebounds
4.2 assists

In the other 39 Suns games this season, the team has a 16-23 record and here are Mikal’s numbers:

43.6% FG (-9.3%)
38.9% 3P (-1.9%)
15.4 points (-4.9)
4.3 rebounds (-0.4)
3.3 assists (-0.9)

Now that’s no knock on Mikal at all as I am a huge fan of his but there is no denying how much better he plays when his twin is on the floor with him AND how much better the Suns are as a team TOO.

It is just so great to watch these two together as well as the winning basketball they help provide.

Wonder Twins Powers Activate!

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