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Suns on the move to acquire Jusuf Nurkic: “Fit.”

It is clear that the Suns believe what Big Nurk brings is what will help the team.

Media Day. It’s a day of celebration and hope, newness and questions. The off-season is comparable to being pregnant, and all of the decisions and transactions are comparable to Le Mans training sessions and crib and stroller purchases. It isn’t until Media Day in which you can show off the fruits of your labor and the time spent preparing for the moment. And it is just the beginning of a long journey ahead.

For the Phoenix Suns, this Media Day is one in which the team displayed new uniform threads, a new head coach, and more new players than a final table at the World Series of Poker. The Suns and general manager James Jones are all in as they have strategically maneuvered through the offseason, trading chips and acquiring new assets, all in an effort to compliment their superstar duo of Devin Booker and Kevin Durant.

Bradley Beal is on the team. Deandre Ayton is not. Numerous questions were asked on Media Day. Mat Ishbia addressed the media and provided some insight as to the motivating factors behind the moves that he has made this offseason.

“I think we’ve got the best team in the league,” he stated, adding, “Nurkic was a better fit for us. Our team got better that day. Nurkic might not put up the numbers, we want him to play the role. We wish Deandre nothing but the best.”

The sentiment was echoed by James Jones. “We saw an opportunity to get better. Is this a pivot point where we can improve? And I thought that was the case. Deandre’s a tremendous player....but this is a new team, and all teams evolve.”

Jusuf Nurkic added that, “I think it’s a really good fit. I’m not here to replace no one. The fit on offense will be the easiest part. I feel that I can strive in this system.”

Time will tell how that fit will occur. Nurkic noted that life will be easy on offense. On defense, there will be a learning curve. Frank Vogel will rely on him as a rim protector, something he referenced. “We’re more talented offensively than defensively.” Vogel stated.

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