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Drew Eubanks performance against the Thunder showed us he wants and needs the ball more

How can the Suns continue to help get Eubanks more involved after a monster game against the Thunder?

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Phoenix Suns Zachary BonDurant-USA TODAY Sports

The let downs in the fourth quarters continue to pile for the Phoenix Suns, but to look at one positive note, Drew Eubanks looks at home in Phoenix.

We know what Eubanks can do around the rim, especially against a center like Chet Holmgren. Chet, who is dynamic in many areas on the court offensively, can be a bit of a reliability defensively against a guy like Eubanks. Eubanks brings the energy and athleticism that is hard to contain and hard to keep up with.

Eubanks shot 7-9 with 15 points (all in the paint) and 5 rebounds on Sunday against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

But he could’ve been more involved. Kevin Durant did point out in the post-game interview that getting Eubanks the ball in the paint was a priority. The results were amazing for the most part of Sunday night.

Eubanks only played the 21 minutes, with Jusuf Nurkic playing 26. Eubanks, in this kind of game, should have reached 30 minutes. You can also see the drop off defensively in the paint when he was out at the start of the fourth quarter. OKC went straight to the lane again and again, knowing that the spacing would be there and the chances their shots would be deterred would be nil.

The finish at the rim from Eubanks is unmatched on this Suns roster; he currently is unstoppable with momentum from the pick-and-roll or even the put-back attempts at the rim. Give him a small runway and he’ll land the plane.

The Suns need to obtain a backup point guard to fill a much-needed role. Eubanks plays the pick-and-roll so well that you want the Suns to make a transaction happen and bring someone here who can finish plays with Eubanks so he can dominate the situation.

Who that is we really have no clue. I would have suggested Malcolm Brogdon, currently with the Portland Trail Blazers, but he is injured (again) and has a salary that would be hard to add to the Suns’ cap sheet.

But with the efforts of Eric Gordon and Grayson Allen coming off the bench when Booker does return, they can’t play-make like you would want. They are so close at times at getting something going on offensively, but they can’t see the floor like you would like them to.

We knew this going into the season, that both Allen and Gordon are not the playmaking type. Now that Eubanks needs that other man on the pick-and-roll, I am dying for the Suns to give him the attention he needs and deserves.

Eubanks suffers because he is a high basketball IQ guy who knows where to be and is ready for the ball in any situation. He does not fumble the ball and does not make the wrong decision by bringing the ball down. He goes up strong and finishes with authority.

I want to see Eubanks flourish even more. You can see the talent he has and he wants to use it as much as possible. This is not a Deandre Ayton thing where the talent is there but he does not want the ball. Eubanks wants the ball and he wants to dunk on any head available.

Please let us know in the comments who you think the Suns should add as a backup point guard, or do you think that with Booker coming back, we won’t need one.

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