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HERE WE GOOOO! Announcing Bright Side Night 2024!!

In partnership with the Phoenix Suns, your friendly neighborhood blog community gets another chance to send underprivileged, deserving kids to their first NBA game.


I am proud to announce the EIGHTH annual BRIGHT SIDE NIGHT, where our own Bright Side community donates Phoenix Suns game tickets to thousands of deserving and underprivileged children from all over the Valley!

Yes YOU can send a kid to a game, for as little as $15! And if you do, the Suns themselves will match that so they can bring friend or chaperon.

Over the years, we’ve sent 20,000 kids to their very first Suns game and I couldn’t be happier. Now I want THIS year to be the best ever!

Many of you already know the whole story, so here’s the link to jump in right now and just do it:

I know you remember the big donation last year from the new Suns owners that came in late last year, and that was even before they were officially owners, but I want you to put that OUT of your mind right now.

This is by nature a small potatoes campaign. This is OUR thing. You, me, us. Bright Side readers, writers and lurkers. WE are the ones who have done this every year for eight years.

Every year, the Suns reserve $2,000 tickets for us to use for this campaign.

Why go to all this trouble, Dave? They will sell anyway!

Here’s why: because I want us to give these tickets to kids who would never otherwise get to go to a Suns game. I want to give these kids to have the night of their lives, to get into an NBA arena that they never otherwise would, with a prize pack to take home with them, to talk about for the rest of their lives.

We are making memories! For kids who really need good ones!

That’s where you and I come in. AAAAANDDDDD the Suns will match every one of your donations, doubling the kids who get to go.

And if you do it here,you always get something for you too, my Bright Siders! The more you donate the more we give YOU for being so awesome!

Let’s do this!

It’s takes less time than ordering something dumb on Amazon.

  • Click this link to donate:
  • It’s $15 per ticket. Every dollar goes to the kids. No extra fees or charges.
  • The Suns MATCH every single donation. You buy one, they buy one. You buy 25, they buy 25.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the donation.
  • Very soon thereafter (allow a day or two), you will get a confirmation email directly from our Suns ticket rep, Connor Sprague, about our donation and what comes next.

That’s it!

What’s in it for you?

Oh, there IS always something in it for YOU when you go beyond the minimum $15

  • $15 donation = one ticket, but TWO kids go because the Suns will match it
  • Donate 2-9 tickets (starts at $30) == 4-18 kids get to go thanks to Suns matching AND you get exclusive discounts on future games for yourself
  • Donate 10-24 tickets (starts at $150) and the Suns match makes it 20-48 kids getting to the game AND you get your own pair of upper-level tickets for yourself (if you cannot make that game, our ticket rep will help you use them somehow)

Keep going for more!!!

  • Donate 25-49 tickets (starts at $375) on your own, and the Suns double it to 50-98 tickets to kids AND you get a pair of lower-level tickets for yourself AND you start qualifying for the exclusive pregame interview with a Suns high level front office executive*!

Don’t stop!!!

  • Donate 50+ tickets (starts at $750) sends 50 kids yourself and the Suns make it 100 AND you get TWO pairs of lower-level tickets for yourself and of course that pregame interview session* too!

Hey Dave, What’s that pregame session all about?

The first 25 of you to donate $150+ at once get invited to join us for our annual private Bright Side interview session with one of the Suns front office executives! Do it fast though — space runs out.

Those Bright Side Night interview sessions are awesome. In years past we’ve had Ryan McDonough, James Jones and VP Ryan Resch, who’s one of Jones’ top staffers. Every year, they give us 20-30 minutes of inside scoops on some of the Suns most impactful deals to shape this roster. This year, I’m shooting higher than GM but we need to see about availability.

This year, with the game on January 16, we could get some really juicy ‘what are they still missing?’ with the trade deadline mere weeks away. Don’t miss this!!! You get to ask your questions!

Here’s our video of 2015’s awesome experience.


Click this link to donate:

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