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Be thankful for Kevin Durant

It’s Thanksgiving. When it’s your turn to tell your family, what you are thankful for, let them know it’s for the Phoenix Suns’ forward.

Golden State Warriors v Phoenix Suns Photo by Barry Gossage/NBAE via Getty Images

Due to the Thanksgiving Day holiday, the Phoenix Suns and the rest of the NBA are off today. The day allows everyone to sit back and reflect. As you and yours are settling into a delightful midday meal surrounded by family and friends, eating more than you ever should, it’s a time to be thankful.

Self reflection is where personal growth occurs, and today is a designated day to do just that: grow. Both personally and in jean sizes.

If you are looking for things to be thankful for, I have one for you. You probably do not need to be reminded of this, but seeing as I still am in disbelief as I carry scars of Marquese Chriss in the starting lineup, I’m going to put it into the ether: Be thankful for Kevin Durant as a member of the Phoenix Suns.

For loyal readers here at Bright Side of the Sun, you may know that I personally am very pro-Durant. Fan boy? Maybe. Impressed with his game? Definitely. I am smitten to have him wear the purple and orange. I have documented that my non-Suns favorite player fandom has bridged multiple decades; it began with Michael Jordan, became Allen Inverson, and morphed into Kevin Durant. I value intensity and skill, shotmaking and style.

Durant has been my favorite player in the NBA for over a decade and the fact that the Phoenix Suns went out and brought him still has me smiling like after I’ve had the third glass of Jameson after a filling Thanksgiving meal.

Oh, and the KD shoe game? Elite.

What he can do on the court, coupled with the personality he possesses off the court, is unique and special and something we must appreciate. Every night. It’ll be gone before you know it, so like that cheese cauliflower your mom makes on Thanksgiving, you must savor every morsel.

Thus far, what is impressive this season is that even at age 35, he is performing at an all-NBA level. Through 15 games this season, he is scoring 31.4 points per game. He’s only ever scored more than that in a season once, we he led the league in scoring with 32.0 points in 2013-14. At age 25. He’s shooting splits this season are a ridiculous 53.3/52.2/89.1.

It isn’t all about the metrics, however. It’s the intangibles that Durant possesses that make him so lethal. Whenever the opposing team starts to gain momentum, it is Kevin Durant, who nonchalantly sinks a 17-foot jump shot. Balance restored. If a fellow player is in the zone and needs to continue his hot hand, Durant will purposefully pass him the ball in an effort to fan his flames. That is leadership and teamwork at its highest level and teamwork.

And. He. Plays. Here!

Kevin Durant has already started to stack up milestones while in a Suns Jersey. He recently passed Elgin Baylor for 11th all-time in scoring NBA history, and now sits at XX, XXXX. He did so in his 1,000th game.

Go ahead, do the math. He’s averaging 27.3 points per game in his entire 16-year career. The record for points per game in a season from a Phoenix Sun, that is eligible is 27.2. Durant has been averaging that his entire career.

It is so rare to have a player who is an automatic bucket. We’ve witnessed the scoring capability of Devin Booker and how hard those buckets can be. It’s not for Kevin Durant. His approach to the game and his attention to detail, coupled with his basketball IQ and silky smooth ability to score, make him one of the greatest scores in the history of the NBA.

And he plays for the Phoenix Suns. And he’s playing at an elite level for the Phoenix Suns. This isn’t Shaq at the end of his year career, this is Kevin Durant in his extended prime.

When we go around the table and people ask what we are thankful for, I am saying, “For Kevin Durant”. Don’t think I won’t.

For those who live in the United States of America, Happy Thanksgiving. I hope that your day is as splendid as you are. And for those who live outside American borders, happy fourth Thursday in November.

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