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Happy Thanksgiving! Let me TRIPLE MATCH your Bright Side Night donation today!!!!

Our annual Bright Side Night is coming soon, Today, every ticket you donate sends THREE deserving kids!

Happy Thanksgiving, Bright Side!

I hope you are spending today with your best besties, related or otherwise, making it a great day of food, sports and spirits.

And if you’re not, you should know that many of us in the Bright Side community are in the same boat and are here for you. We are always here for you.

You are all an extension of my family, and I hope I’m an extension of yours. We bond over the Suns, and there’s no better team in the land to bond around! Sure we disagree sometimes, but the love we share is real. Through thick and thin, we love the Phoenix Suns.

Now’s the easy part: create new Suns fans in a matter of seconds by sending them TO A SUNS GAME on January 16 against the Sacramento Kings for only $15 a ticket!

We’ve been doing this for seven years now! Over the those years we-you-me have personally sent more than 8,000+ underprivileged kids to their very first Suns game off our very own money! We’ve put countless smiles on little faces, all thanks to you. To us! The Suns organization has quietly matched our donations along the way, so the tally passes 16,000 thanks to this campaign.

And that is not all. Oh no, that is not all!

The Ishbias happened, and one of their first forays into the Phoenix community was to track me down and throw another $100,000 donation in, which blew the top off any prior year. Thanks to Mat and Justin, we have now sent more than 20,000 kids to a Suns game!!!

Let’s top it again!

We start in our own back yard. We’ve got the first 2,000 tickets already held aside for us - Bright Side donations — on January 16, when the Suns play the Sacramento Kings!

Those tickets are for us to buy. So let’s get buying.

Anything you donate today, I WILL MATCH PERSONALLY (to a reasonable amount of course) and so will the SUNS (doesn’t have to be reasonable).

And while you’re sitting around friends and family today, stick the donation page in front of them too!

Remember, donors don’t have to live here or even like the Suns. They’re giving to the Phoenix community. And you can tell them what a cool person you are to be doing this. Your familial respect points index will grow!


It really only takes a a few seconds to donate — just pick a donate level and go.

  • Click this link:
  • TRIPLE MATCHING! No extra fees or charges. Dave and the Suns are matching every donation.
  • Read through the options, the more you donate the more YOU get out of it. Oh did I mention that? You get more back than you put in....

That’s it!

*outside the US? just contact our Suns rep directly. Name and number at the link above.

What’s in it for you? There’s always something for you!

  • Tickets are $15 each
  • Donate 2-9 tickets = sends at least 6 kids PLUS YOU get exclusive discounts to future game(s)
  • Donate 10-24 tickets = starts at $150, sends at least 30 kids with triple matching PLUS YOU get a pair of upper-level tickets for yourself... PLUS *** (read more below)
  • 25-49 tickets = starts $375 = with triple matching, becomes 75+ KIDS PLUS you get a pair of lower-level tickets for yourself... PLUS *** (read more below)
  • Donate 50+ tickets = starts at $750 = PLUS you get TWO pairs of lower-level tickets for yourself... PLUS *** (read more below)

For those of who who can attend the game on January 16, there’s even more perks:

All donors of 10+ tickets who can attend the Jan 16 game with us get a free Bright Side Night t-shirt and an invitation to join us for a pregame group photo!

***And now the big payoff!

The first 25 donors of 10+ tickets get invited to an exclusive pregame small group interview with one of the Suns front office staff! (we have had Ryan McDonough, James Jones or James’ #2 Ryan Resch every year to date)

This year, I’m shooting higher on this guest, considering the ownership and front office changes around James. I’ll keep you posted on who when I get confirm,

This pregame interview is great because YOU GET to ask the questions in a small setting, and get as real an answer as your question leads them to. And remember the date: by January 16, the front office will know what they want to do by the trade deadline....

Don’t miss out!!!!


Just donate:

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