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Beal questionable for the Suns against the Bulls, Booker remains out

An MRI on Booker’s calf overshadows the potential debut of Bradley Beal.

Phoenix Suns v Detroit Pistons Photo by Chris Schwegler/NBAE via Getty Images

You excited at the possibility of Bradley Beal making his debut with the Phoenix Suns at some point this week? Phoenix could certainly use assistance, especially on the offensive end, and the insertion of Beal into the lineup would be welcomed. He has been upgraded for the first time this season, listed as “questionable” for their game in the Windy City on Wednesday.

Support for Kevin Durant is coming, but unfortunately, it may be a while longer until we see Devin Booker on the court with Beal and Durant. The wait for the big three continues.

“He got an MRI last night,” head coach Frank Vogel said on Sunday, “and it revealed a calf strain. So there is an injury there. He’s trying to get back as quickly as possible, but he’s dealt with a toe first, and then an ankle, and now a calf strain.”

Whatever injury Booker is experiencing, it is traveling up his leg like venom from a snake bite. Devin will miss some more time as he is listed as “out” against the Chicago Bulls.

Short-term greed has us wanting Booker back as soon as possible. We want to see and experience the Suns’ big three and they need time to mesh and meld into the offensive force we expect them to be. You can’t simply have talent without chemistry and expect a championship to follow. Time on the court is needed.

Long-term greed, however, is how we must absorb this news. A lingering injury over-exerted early in the season can negate success further down the road. While we want Booker back, the need for health must trump all.

Booker is a competitor. He wants to play. We saw this last year when he decided to play on Christmas with a groin injury. That injury was reaggravated and ultimately the Suns lost him for 20 games due to bringing Book back too early.

The clock continues to tick as to when we will see the Suns at full strength. The byproduct of the wait is the Suns are falling off of the national media radar. Perhaps this is a good thing as the focus and expectations are muted, allowing Phoenix to simply go out and hoop. Silver lining...I’m searching for one, right?

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