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Do the NBA a favor: Vote for Devin Booker and Kevin Durant for All Star

Flood the ballot box this holiday season!

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The days are dwindling as we prepare for the Christmas holiday. This is the season when the majority of you will probably be taking a break from the “real world” and spending time with your loved ones. Perhaps you’re reading this right now while you’re sitting outside of a dressing room at Kohl’s, and your wife or kids trying on a pair of jeans they want.

Are you searching for the perfect gift? Then I have the idea for you! Give those you love the gift of learning how to vote for Devon Booker and Kevin Durant for the All-Star game.

Sit them down around an open fire, and rather than roasting chestnuts, have them pull out their phone and guide them to the NBA’s website. Teach a man to fish, as they say, and walk them through the steps of All-Star voting. As Cousin Eddie would say, “That’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole year, Clark”.

It has been a tumultuous season for the Phoenix Suns thus far, but that isn’t due to the lack of production provided by their All-Star caliber duo.

Kevin Durant, who has been elected to 13 All-Star teams — starting all 10 that he has appeared in — has been the foundation for the Suns through the first 26 games. He’s scored 30.6 points in his 22 games played, which is fifth highest in the NBA. He is shooting 47.1% from three-point range, second-best in the NBA.

He is an obvious choice to be on the All-Star team.

And then you have his running mate, Devin Booker.

A three-time All-Star himself, it feels as if he’s only been voted in properly a total zero times. Because that is true. Booker is never been voted in as an All-Star starter. His first appearance in 2019-20 came as the result of Damian Lillard getting hurt, opening the door for him to substitute as an injury replacement. In 2021, Booker was once again snubbed, but once again played as Anthony Davis was injured and could not play.

In 2022, the coaches finally got it right, selecting Booker after the fans did not vote him in as a starter. He didn’t play in the game, however, due to injury.

This season, he’s putting up the numbers.

In 17 games played, Booker is averaging a career-high in points and assists, dropping 28.1 and 8.3 per night. Only Trae Young (28.1/11.0) and Luka Doncic (32.9/9.1) are averaging those numbers. Book is doing it on 47.9/39.3/91.3 splits as well.

What hurts their chances is that the Suns are 14-12 with the 10th overall seed in the Western Conference. The team hasn’t gelled the way that we all hoped and dreamed, and if you’re at a local mall, you might want to sit on the jolly fat man’s lap and ask for a better team for Christmas.

There’s plenty of time between now and when All-Star voting ends — which is January 20 —for the Suns need to improve on their record if both Booker and Durant stand any chance to be elected to the starting five. And they need your vote, plus the vote of every family member you come into contact with this holiday season!

How do you do it? Simple:

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