It is not the time to move on from CP3 yet and here is why

Trade deadline is approaching and aside of Crowder's saga as some minor 'potential' movement such as trading Ayton or plan to attaching Shamet and Saric with Crowder, there are some 'noise' that start gaining traction about 'moving on from CP3'. Like a fire, it can get bigger approaching the deadline and we know why: Age and his monstrous salary committed multiyear which can prevent the flexibility of the club in next year(s)

His recent injuries also isn't helping at all, since a lot of us waiting patiently for this man's decline and sense blood when watching one happened before our eyes and directly call the decision must be done immediately.

So why I think it is not the time, yet? There are 2 reasons for me to say this:

1. His 'coming back from injury' from been steady, reliable, and deadly (esp his midrange). in shorts, CP3 even with decline is still a very important contributor. With Cam Payne, Saben, Damien, and Duane, too many ups-and-downs which be fun to see in the regular season but comes to the playoff, we need the right mixture of stability and excitements.

2. Some 'proposed' trade players aren't that intriguing. D'Angelo Russell even can not play effectively in a very talented wolves and has not demonstrating a winning attributes since his rookie time until now, especially compared to CP3. D'Angelo stats might be comparable or even better but his stats is rather empty. Some of us want D'Angelo just because he is younger and cheaper but like many of us, I am tired of seeing 'youth' during McD era. Enough is enough. Another partner proposed is FVV. Fred is intriguing and he has something CP3 lacking but CP3 has something FVV lacking too. Fred is cheaper but he soon commanding 35-something Millions/year now with his new agent Klutch and the burden for cost is almost the same with CP3, and ofc still need to reaclimate with suns's playbook. If it is the superstar like SGA then I am all for it, but if not SGA but the lesser one like D'Angelo, Sexton (ugh), etc (you name it) just for the sake 'younger' and 'cheaper'. Then no

It is wise and reasonable to give CP3 another post season run this year with a more mature Suns (stronger starting five and more battle tested bench after injury-hurricane that forcing the bench to step up, and they did) and new player to replace the sensitive-want-away Crowder to solidified to team.

So I said it again, it is not the time to move on from CP3 yet. We can visit it again in the summer for sure, but not now