ABCs of Suns

In basketball forums, I often see how a basketball team of Kevins in their primes would beat any other first name. And now we have two of those Kevins.

Kevin Durant and Kevin Johnson. Let's team them up with some other Suns players starting with K (I don't think there are enough Kevins that played in a Suns uniform).

Team K:
Kevin Durant
Kevin Johnson
Kyle Macy
Kurt Thomas
Kendall Marshall

Can Kevin Durant lead them to victory against team D?

Team D:
Devin Booker
Deandre Ayton
Dario Saric
Dennis Johnson
Dan Majerle
Danny Manning

Or Team C?

Chris Paul
Charles Barkley
Cliff Robinson
Connie Hawkins
Channing Frye
Cedric Ceballos
Cam Johnson
Cameron Payne

Gotta go with C. Two hall of famers + future hall of famer. Sorry, Kevin. Maybe Team D led by Booker and Ayton has the potential to challenge team C.

Can anyone think of players to add to team K or D who can move the needle?