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ESPN Wednesday Night: An Eastern Conference battle and a Western Conference injury-fest could win you some DraftKings money

Here’s a little betting advice for you!

San Antonio Spurs v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

How’s the old balance looking on your DraftKings Sportsbook app?

Are you like me, consistently prop betting the Phoenix Suns, but never assuming victory? It’s tough picking them to win, because if they lose, your frustration is compounded. Do you find more enjoyment betting the rest of the NBA?

The ESPN slate of games on Wednesday are a great opportunity to do the latter; to put a little coin on other teams in the NBA, and to sit back and watch non-Suns basketball. It just hits different.

We have a fantastic couple of games to bet on, and I’m here to provide some betting insight into these games. We’re treated to the Cavaliers and 76ers in the first game, and the Pelicans and Lakers in the second.

A parlay here, a prop bet there, and who knows? Maybe we can win a little bit of money that we lost buying roses and chocolate on Valentine’s Day.

Place your bets right here!

Cleveland Cavaliers @ Philadelphia 76ers

CLE Spread: +2 (-110) Moneyline: +110

PHI Spread: -2 (-110) Moneyline: -110


The first game ESPN is showcasing should be highly entertaining. These are two of the Eastern Conference’s best teams comprised of multiple stars.

Donovan Mitchell’s addition to the Cavaliers has provided them with the consistent scoring threat and crunch time productivity. He’s averaging 27.2 points this season on 48/39/87 splits. Combine that with Darius Garland and this is a dangerous backcourt. They are a defensively minded team, however, allowing the least amount of points in the NBA.

The city of Philadelphia is hurting right now after losing a Super Bowl…and a World Series…all in the span of four months. They’re turning the 76ers with old man James Harden and beast mode Joel Embiid to save them. The 37-19 76ers also have a solid defense, as they allow the third least points-per-game in the NBA.

Based on those two metrics, I think you know what I’m going to recommend.

Betting Advice:

The moneyline is close in this one for good reason, so I think I’m going to avoid that one. It’s too close to call. Let’s put our money elsewhere.

History tells us that the Cavs have won the first quarter in eight of their last nine games. That bet alone is -106. That’s a good start and will make the first quarter entertaining. Book that bet!

Both these teams are defensively minded, which means that 217 over/under line provides some opportunity. Here is a secondary bet, using the DraftKing’s ‘Same Game Parlay’ tool. move that over/under line to under 219.5 (-145) and combine that with Joel Embiid’s rebound total. Note that he has recorded 11+ rebounds in six of the last seven home appearances against the Cavs. Take over 9+ rebounds (-245).

When parlayed, that’s a +135 bet.

New Orleans Pelicans @ Los Angeles Lakers

NOP Spread: +4 (-105) Moneyline: +155

LAL Spread: -4 (-115) Moneyline: -190


The second matchup is one that we in the Western Conference are interested in. The Lakers and the Pelicans are both fighting for playoff seeding, with New Orleans currently at the seven spot and the Lakers down there at the twelfth.

The Pelicans, who were a beast of a team earlier this season, have been struggling mightily since the exit of Zion Williamson. They are 6-14 since he exited with a hamstring injury. And things aren’t looking good.

LeBron James, who put all his effort and energy into eclipsing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s career points record, hasn’t played a game since. He’s questionable for tonight’s game. That makes it hard to bet. But we’ll find a way.

Betting Advice:

The first thing I see here is that the Pelicans are +155 on the moneyline. Even without Zion, this team is deeper and more talented. I’m instantly taking that one as I believe they will win. The question becomes do i parlay that and go for the big money?


I’m asking myself, “If the Pelis win, how does that happen?”. No Zion. C.J. McCollum is out as well. The points will have to come from somewhere. Why not a Brandon Ingram revenge game. I know that he is averaging 25.1 points since his return from a toe injury.

Again, using the SGP tool that DraftKings provides, I’m taking the Pelicans moneyline parlayed with Brandon Ingram over 25 points (-120). That’s +300! Take it.

There you go my fellow degenerates. Hopefully these bets hit and we all are a little richer by the end of the night.

Best of bets unto thee!

Place your bets right here!

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