It's common sense - Bazely and Tj have to play

I don't know which argument fallacy it is but if

We have summarily lost games we should have won in, plus minus of players who are not getting any remote amount of fair shake minutes need to be reconsidered. I can't say it another way but Monty is suggesting today that he will be using the same guys he has been using, just slimming down from there, and that's simply not looking at what has been missing on the floor. Whether or not we like it Mikal was our wing defender. While Okogie in my mind is totally indispensable for the team he can't do it alone on the perimeter- we need a lengthy small and or power forward who is dogged on defense, because we're not just covering what Mikal left, it's Mikal, it's Cam, it's Crowder. That's three plus wing defenders. And we're slimming down from a rotation that is including the dude from Orlando and Torrey Craig? It's those guys and KD? Having KD out is truly a -lay up- of an opportunity to see what works on the floor with who we have. Barely is young but it's his exact profile - lengthy 3 or 4 who relishes defense - AND rebounds - that the Sun's, truly desperately need. We need less star power to do the dirty work, we need more Okogies, wr certainly need more scoring off the bench, and the guys we are not playing are the exact guys who profile like gloves for this team.