The Suns Need to Shut Up and Play

Free throws, free throws, free throws.. It’s a tale as old as the NBA itself. But the officiating has been especially frustrating coming down the stretch of the regular season, in a historically tight West, and shorthanded after trading two starters for a guy who’s only played three games in a Suns jersey.

Whether it’s Torrey Craig getting whistled for a foul for having the audacity to place his teeth in front of the Milwaukee Bucks star fullback or Austin Reeves getting the superstar treatment like he were prime Michael Jordan, the Suns repeatedly get what feels like the short end of the stick.

Maybe the NBA officials are just bad. Maybe the Suns are primarily a midrange shooting team and jump shooters don’t get calls. Probably it’s a bit of both.

Monty complaining in press conferences isn’t going to help. CP3 complaining "it’s the same call" he didn’t get, but the Lakers do get isn’t going to help. Devin Booker playing to draw a foul like he were Luka Doncic isn’t going to help.

Do the Suns have a valid argument? Nobody cares.

But this is what I do know. The deeper you go into the playoffs, the more the refs swallow their whistle. That’s why players and teams that rely on baiting officials for free throws don’t win championships (James Harden/Luka Doncic )

The Suns have let the officiating mess with their heads and change their approach to the game just as the postseason race has gotten tighter and yes…. harder..

Welcome to hard fellas. To get to the other side it’ll take steeling their resolve, doubling down on their strengths, and worrying about what they can control. If the Suns plan on winning a championship this season they need to be better than they’ve been recently regardless of whatever view you have of the officiating.

They need to shut up and play.