The Bill Russell Deandre Ayton approach can be problematic for KD, Booker

In a recent interview with the big boy he wanted to emphasize his approach to the fundamentals. Truly that is always the best approach. I find though Deandres fundamentals often can be less about taking care of the trash on the floor, and more about passivity. Okogie is a trash man, I believe his offensive rebound percentage is, even for all players, something unbelievable and top tier. DA emphasizing his commitments to doing the rebounding, the consistency, the defense, it makes me believe he just does not understand the game enough. What happens for him is he fades out, we start looking like the Brooklyn Nets with Kyrie and KD, and in fact not only is the effect not involving fundamentals, when DA is being passive, it is completely removing the fundamentals out of the Suns game. Against the Bulls, we should have blown them away. I see some concern relative to shirking the team dynamics, THE FUNDAMENTALS, making sure DA is keeping the pilot light on on offense at all times, and having a team that is antithetical to the Nets; when they had him, they created a KD offense culture. The Suns, on the other hand, should play Suns basketball, while HAVING Kevin Durant. That's what this is all about.