Different play and team dynamic after trades. Finally looking like classic Suns?

After all the dust has settled I notice what's no longer there for the Suns. Initially what I could discern were the obvious losses. The forward defensive presence, the consistent offense, those were really the things to greive. Theyre still fair to grieve. Mikal truly is one of the more special players in the league as is becoming evident not just to us now but to the world. After the game against Denver I feel the defense lost in Mikal and Cam and their consistency is going to be found in the hustle of Okogie, and TJ Warren. Before the trade we were a team that needed more rebounding. We lacked energy, and there was a punch in the mouth that we were not landing. We were mostly winning games like Chris Paul has won games in his career - just systematically. I think while we could overcome a lack of passion with those guys we certainly got it after the trade. Okogie is totally locked into this role it couldn't be better for him. TJ looks like he is just as primed to be much more than his ironic "cash consideration" esk throw in caveat role in the KD trade. TJ is a bigger rebounder than anybody would consider when throwing him into the trade as a microwave scorer. He is passing, grabbing boards, and making very fundemental plays. Okogie is blissfully engaging a defense over everything approach, and a open shot approach on offense. If we have these glue guys locked in consistently with our stars we're going to be a midrange, old school, defensive mooky blalock as Okogie and Cedric Ceballos as TJ Warren type team. Let TJ free, and supplement the overall Dynamic by giving Bazely 15 a night. Frankly I would be fascinated to see who could stop a fundemental game like the Suns we are now. Just make sure the big man gets fed!