Luka says Dallas has no defense, misses Jalen Brunson! Suns stop leak for Mikal needs priority!

Someone compiled a list of top duos in league history in scoring, and it really brought to light the woes and or opportunities for the Suns to win a championship or bust. Westbrook and Harden of the Houston Rockets, if anybody even recalls that happened, we're one of the highest in league history, beating out complete league legends as a scoring duo. While they were a successful pair in a sense, the output of those Rocketa were a year or two of non championship success albeit good looking basketball. There was no backbone.

Our team is playing like a prototypical superstar team with no backbone. The evidence is in the enormous leads that evaporate only to barely hold on to games. Yes we won every game with KD, but we are eking out these embarrassingly winnable games, are we pretending this is championship caliber play? We should be wiping the floor with these teams. We are eeking out wins. We are still pretending this is good enough, while we should be focusing efforts on convincing TJ to be a glue guy, and giving Darius Bazely all other forward minutes as a defensive stopper. The kid we coveted from Utah, Vanderbilt, that went to the Lakers, does just that, 24 minutes a game. Great Laker move, LeBron needs that kind of guy. Is not even as good defensively as Bazely. Doesn't have the long reach, doesn't board, or shoot the three pointer, as Bazely. Bazely would be exactly what Okogie is at the two, on the 3/4 spots.

I keep harping on it because I want the Suns to win. Mikal was a stalwart. He missed no games. Cam was the inverse, consistent as anyone on the 3 line and played respectable defense. It is not depressing it is just fact that we need a profile of Mikal, if we cannot get him, which we cannot. We have all the leadership and offense, we need to take the common sense road and leave the glitz of Super Durant. Give KD and Book a chance. Play Bazely, play TJ, and give it the only shot there is. I expect with those it's a good shot I'll say it here.