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Say hello to new Bright Side Site Manager, John Voita!

After a 11 rewarding years, Dave King is stepping back to a writer role while John Voita takes over the biggest and best Suns blog in the world

Hi there, Phoenix Suns fans!

After running this site for the past 11 years, I am finally handing the power of the Bright Side over to our beloved John Voita. John has been contributing to Bright Side as a podcaster since February 2020 and a writer since late spring 2020 as well.

Hours after his first article published the NBA stopped. The world stopped. I was so shook by the sequence of events — from Obi Toppin to Rudy Gobert to Adam Silver to <crickets> — that I didn’t even write an introductory article introducing John Voita to you.

That’s my fault, and your loss. The more you know about this man, the better. Allow me to introduce you to the new Blog Father.

Dave: Thanks for taking over the site, John. Your work ethic is unparalleled and your love for the Suns shows every time you tweet, pub an article or record a podcast. We are lucky to have you running things.

But come on, your first ever Bright Side article was really pushing Obi Toppin on us?

John: Ah yes, Obi Toppin. I made the jump to Bright Side as we all prepared for March Madness 2020 and I was excited to share my thoughts on who our lottery-bound Suns would pursue. And then the world stopped. Like, right after I submitted my article for Bright Side of the Sun. I was honored to be a part of the BSOTS team and to get into the thick of Suns’ coverage...and then there was no Suns coverage. It was a blessing in disguise, as the challenge of creating Suns content without any Suns basketball sharpened my skillset and forced me to think outside of the box as a contributor.

Dave: Like taking that first drink at a party. Doesn’t matter how boring the party is, once you have a glass in hand from the host you have to stay to finish it. And by the time you’ve finished it, you might as well have another! I’ll take all the credit for serving you that first drink before the NBA shut down and things got incredibly boring for a while.

Your reward was covering best era of Suns basketball since Steve Nash won a pair of MVPs. In fact, no NBA team has more wins than the Suns since you started blogging at Bright Side.

Coincidence? Or something else?

John: I appreciate the first drink, and it’s made me a Suns-writing alcoholic ever since!

Timing is everything, isn’t it?

It is a coincidence that I began my Suns content creating career as the team rose from the ashes, like a Phoenix shall I say? You can never completely predict the future.

It became a perfect storm, however, as things in my life aligned that allowed me the time to commit to writing and podcasting about the team. Matthew Lissy, my co-host on the Suns JAM Session Podcast, and I created our podcast in 2019 after we moved apart. As roommates, we continually watched and analyzed the Suns. After I moved away with my girlfriend, we committed to continue to talk about the Suns, but chose to do so in podcast form. Our original podcast, The Solar Report Podcast got your attention due to our continual continent. And perhaps due to the name.

You welcomed me and the podcast to the Bright Side team and, as I was writing for a competing site at the time, you offered to bring me on. It’s pure luck that the team actually became good at the time.

Dave: Whether it was luck or providence, we are happy to have you on board and now taking the reins on the site. I’ve been blessed to run the site for 11 years, and stepping back is bittersweet. Thanks for allowing me to stay on as the Deputy and I’m sure the site will be bigger and better than ever as a result.

I have to admit I was worried you wouldn’t take the offer to run the site. It’s a great place to be, but a lot of work for almost no pay. Certainly, it’s a labor of love — not just for the team, but for writing out our thoughts and sharing them with the world at the risk of any criticism a reader wants to lay down.

I am thrilled you’re excited to take this next step, and while I feel a sense of loss I’m excited to keep contributing in a smaller way.

John: I wouldn’t be interested unless I knew you were close by. Reading Dave King is a habit many of us have, and knowing that will still occur moving forward gives me peace of mind. After all, you are the Suns Daddy!

Dave: Ah geez. That’s simultaneously the highlight and lowlight of my Suns blogging career!

Back to you, new Blog Father. Tell us how you became a Suns fan and the most obscure Suns reference you can think of.

John: Like many Suns fans, I am a victim of geolocation, although my journey to fanaticism was different.

Born in Phoenix at Good Samaritan Hospital, you’d think that would be the end of the story. But at age 3 my family moved to the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles County, California. LA. Mid-80’s. Should’ve been a Laker fan? Not a chance. My father, “Cactus” Jack Voita, Jr., despised Showtime. Not for their style of play, but for who they were off the court. A devout Catholic, he wasn’t fond of the womanizing stories he heard about the Jerry Buss’ team. Growing up he taught me two things about basketball: Love your Suns. And damn, Michael Jordan is the best basketball player ever.

So I grew up in LA wearing Suns gear, falling in love with the electric play of Kevin Johnson. Jordan was on my wall, however, and in 1993 I felt I couldn’t lose as I cared for both teams. When Paxson hit that three, however, it changed me.

We soon moved back to Phoenix, MJ retired, and I’ve been 100% behind the Suns since. When Jordan returned, I watched from afar, but I had locally lived through the earning of the scars inflicted by the Houston Rockets. Mario Elie owes me a remote that I threw against our concrete floor.

As for an obscure Suns reference? How about Tony Delk? Perhaps not obscure, but I remember when the Suns traded him for Joe Johnson that the team was taking a step in the right direction. They were kissing the Backcourt 2000 days goodbye and obtaining someone who I thought would be a future All-Star. Joe Johnson proved me right, although he did so in a Hawks jersey.

But if you want an obscure to the modern Suns fan, I’ll go with Maurice Lucas. Go look that guy up. What a beast. Every team needs a Mo Lucas. And he was part of my quarantine exposé on the 1984-85 Suns.

Dave: Ah yes, the Maurice Lucas years! He definitely was a beast and when locals say ‘we need a power forward!’ I always think of this guy first. He’d be a center in today’s NBA, though. Dude made 9 threes in the 11 years the three-pointer existed during his career, but who knows he might have developed a jumper in today’s NBA! Mo was a bruiser in a bruiser’s league. The Suns forward who’d dominate today’s NBA would be Connie Hawkins. I’d absolutely love to see Hawk come into the league today. He’d be a constant highlight darling.

We are glad to have you on board and taking over as captain of the Bright Side ship, John. And Bright Siders, I’ll still be contributing as a writers like I always have and attending Suns games on media credentials. You get the best of both worlds!

Any final words for the Bright Siders?

John: I’m a Libra. I like longs walks on the beach. I have a wife I’m crazy for and a step-daughter I’m proud of. We have a couple of dogs, a cat, and a tortoise. I’m an F&B guy in “real” life. The evolution of my favorite Suns of all-time has been KJ to the Matrix to Devin Booker. I believe the Wild West uniforms were the best. I believe there is a special place in hell for people who don’t use their blinker or put their shopping carts away.

I’m a sayings guy. “Champions adjust” is my favorite as it my day-to-day philosophy I preach to my team and a poster with my favorite champions hangs in my office. I’m just waiting to add Devin Booker to it. The Golden Rule is the basis of consideration to your fellow man, and as Grandpa Voita used to say, “To know what you don’t know is to know”. I don’t know a lot and I’m not too proud to admit that fact.

I’m humbled to be in a position to serve Bright Side. I. Love. Suns. Basketball. This site has been the standard for over a decade, and that is due to the care and commitment to being the voice of the fanbase with insight and thoughtful interpretation of the Suns. This community is unique and special, and it has grown and flourished under your leadership, guidance, and voice. I hope that I can carry that torch.

And that we win a championship during my tenure.

Much like our new Suns owner, John has already begun throwing money around and added a couple of talented writers to the mix.

SoSaysJ has now joined the regular writing rotation. You’ll recognize the name, as he’s contributed occasionally over the years and more notably hosted the Fanning the Flames podcast for the better part of a decade.

Cole Tuorto, known on Twitter as TheSunsReport, has already shown us his talents with a couple of articles over the past week.

Great adds to the team!

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