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10 Realistic Free Agents that the Phoenix Suns should target

Here are some bargain bin options that are realistic targets to fill in some depth for the Phoenix Suns.

Brooklyn Nets v Phoenix Suns Photo by Kate Frese/NBAE via Getty Images

Devin Booker. Bradley Beal. Kevin Durant.

When that is your Big 3, you are in great shape from a roster construction standpoint. Now, the financial limitations may be tough to recover from long-term, but in the short term, you know exactly what needs you have to fill.

Washington Wizards v Phoenix Suns Photo by Michael Gonzales/NBAE via Getty Images

Frank Vogel wants to be known as a scrappy team that plays a physical brand of basketball. That is all you need to know about what type of players the Phoenix Suns will pursue this offseason.

There is still a route you can go with in dealing Deandre Ayton for depth, but if they decide to hang on to him it becomes even more vital for the Suns to “hit” on some of these veteran minimum contracts.

WARNING: Some of these names will make you cringe. You’ll know who I’m talking about immediately when you see them. Lean into the hate, embrace the villains. They’d be on vet minimums in this scenario, after all... so who cares?


Dennis Schroder PG, Lakers — The case for Schroder is simple: he is a playable guard that does just enough of everything to make the cut for your playoff rotation. Vogel coached Dennis, and with Chris Paul out of the equation, the Suns will need a reliable veteran that can eat minutes at that position.

The question is, would Schroeder accept a veteran’s minimum?

Phoenix Suns v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Dennis Smith, Jr. PG, Hornets — Another Dennis! Smith played 54 games last season (15 starts) which was the most he’s played since his rookie season. He found a role on a bad team that was struggling without LaMelo Ball and made the most of the situation.

He is not going to start for you or play heavy minutes by any means, but as a third-string point guard, you could certainly do worse.

Cory Joseph PG, Pistons — This one is pretty simple. Adding more regular season depth is important and sometimes the best way to do it is with trusted veterans.

Joseph is who he is and that’s just fine if you bring him in to run your offense, not turn the ball over and play hard on both ends when he gets his opportunity. Same with Smith and the guy below, they should not be relied upon as playoff rotation pieces, but more so as “break glass in case of emergency” types that slide up the depth chart when you need them.

Patrick Beverley PG, Bulls — I know what you’re thinking. Why? Gross. He’s terrible! You’re correct. I’m not really enthused about this one, but this is a Suns team that could use a villain and he’d come at a cheap price. I’m sure many Suns fans still (rightfully) want nothing to do with him, but keep an eye out on this one.


Yuta Watanabe F, Nets— There’s already been a connection of Yuta following Durant over from Brooklyn to Phoenix that has leaked in recent days. A wing with size (6’9”) that can shoot the ball? Sign me up!

Watanabe shot 44% on threes last season (2.3 attempts per game) in 58 games for Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Nets v Phoenix Suns Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images

Josh Richardson W, Pelicans — Richardson is a playable wing that can defend and hit open shots occasionally, this one is simple. He might be able to fetch more on the open market, but again, this is predicated on players accepting less to come chase a ring in Phoenix.

Dillon Brooks W, Grizzlies — I’m sure many will feel the same way about Brooks as they do Pat Bev. A big “no thanks” probably comes to mind. The difference is that Brooks is more productive and has had a decent season more recently than Beverley.

While this is likely a longshot, the Suns could use a hard-nosed defender that isn’t afraid to mix it up. If they can get him for pennies on the dollar, why not?


Mason Plumlee C, Clippers — Plumlee feels like he may be out of reach given the Suns’ current cap situation. That feels especially more like the case due to the interest that he’ll surely draw from teams with exceptions and better financial situations.

Look, he’s no grand prize or anything, but he is a solid rotation piece that has done nothing but produce at a steady rate over the past few years.

If he wants to chase a ring and Phoenix deals Ayton without getting a center in return... keep an eye on the Suns to talk him into a starting role on a contender for a pay cut.

Los Angeles Clippers v Phoenix Suns - Game Five Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Thomas Bryant C, Nuggets — Bryant may not be the best fit here, and there are plenty of dominos to fall before he would make sense as a potential backup big. He has absolutely torched the Suns over the years though, and there’s still some upside to his game at 25 years old.

Bryant is someone you can plug in for 15-20 minutes a night and get production from.

Kevin Love F/C, Heat — The James Jones connection here makes this fit interesting. Love is still playable and would help with some of the rebounding issues Phoenix has had in the past. His ability to hit shots and space the floor while cleaning the glass would make him a useful veteran to bring in for reserve minutes.

SLEEPER TARGET: Drew Eubanks — Hear me out on this one... the guy can play. This would be my choice as an ideal third center over someone like Bismack Biyombo.

Suns players I’d like to return: Jock Landale, Torrey Craig, Josh Okogie

Who are your favorite targets, Suns fans?

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