It's time to make a Point!

As Phoenix Suns fans, we have been blessed. We have been blessed with some of the all-time great point guards roaming the floor at our beloved Footprint Center. Steve Nash, Kevin Johnson, Jason Kidd, Stephon Marbury and of course Chris Paul.

But it’s time, it’s time for the Phoenix Suns to set the standard and further revolutionize the game and the way that the game is played. We all know that the NBA is constantly evolving, Many players throughout my history of watching the game we love have been credited with changing the game, one current day player is delusional enough to believe he is, but I have developed a belief in the past few seasons that the next true evolution of the game is position-less basketball, putting your best 5 players on the floor and let them go to work, more and more we are seeing line-up's that eliminate the need for the traditional "roles" we have generally seen on the floor.

We have all seen the shift in recent years, there have been elements of position-less basketball in many teams throughout the NBA, but ultimately, all these teams have still gone back to having a "traditional" point guard as part of the rotation. The prime examples are the Lakers, Lebron James controls the ball and plays the role of the point guard in so many situations, but every team Lebron has played on has run a traditional point guard in the line-up, the same goes for Luka Doncic and the Mavericks.

We saw last season, that the Suns went less and less to a Chris Paul managed offense with CP spending much more time off the ball. With the acquisition of Beal, the Suns are now able to run what many of us call the "Point Book" offense, and whilst many are still questioning what the Suns will do to address the departure of Paul at the point, the answer has been in front of us all along. We don’t need a point guard; we need our best players on the floor doing what they do best. The Phoenix Suns now have three of the most potentially potent offensive players in the game today, all who can handle the ball, do we really need someone coming up the floor and setting up an offense? Do these highly intelligent offensive players need someone to set them up on an offensive sequence?

Without Chris Paul in this line-up (and no disrespect to CP in any way), the Suns can run a high octane offense that doesn't have to rely on setting up half court structured plays. Three highly intelligent offensive players that can operate a quick offense that constantly puts opposing defense on the back foot, capable of running a quick set play, to penetrate and hit an open shooter, hitting a strong pick and roll early in the clock, or at worst, having three separate ISO options that are borderline unstoppable from the mid-range. With a back-up off the bench (Cameron Payne), capable of coming off the bench and maintaining the pace of the game, with at least one, but potentially two of the three offensive weapons on the floor at all times.

As Suns fans, we all sit and wait for that first famous title victory, but this current Suns team can do something next level, not only win a title, but change the way that teams in the NBA construct their roster, and the way they play the game and that will be a next level way of winning the Larry O’Brien.

Where do you, the reader sit? Are the Suns constructing a roster to once again revolutionize the way the game is played?