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Stein report: Damion Lee is one of the “surest candidates to re-sign” with the Suns

The sharp-shooting guard shot 44.5% from three last season. Yeah, I’d like to have that back.

2023 NBA Playoffs - LA Clippers v Phoenix Suns Photo by Jim Poorten/NBAE via Getty Images

The bombs are beginning to drop as we are on the eve of free agency. Thus far it’s been a grenade here, a bullet there. As it relates to the Phoenix Suns, who are looking to obliterate the second tax apron into a radioactive mushroom cloud, the dust has yet to settle from the Bradley Beal deal.

While the explosiveness of news around players like Kyrie Irving grabs our attention and creates an unproductive work day, it’s news of the grenade-type transactions that we have to pay attention to as they have a risk value and are more likely to occur. Marc Stein reported on Thursday morning that Damion Lee is one of the surest bets to return to Phoenix via free agency.

Lee, a bona fide stud from beyond the arc, signed a one-year deal last off-season with Phoenix for $2.1 million. If he chooses to return, his addition would be ideal for a team attempting to fill out its roster with low-level contracts. From a price for value paid standpoint, James Jones can’t get much better.

Lee was potent last year from a scoring standpoint, and while his defensive and challenges equated to less playing time down the stretch end of the postseason, his ability to go nuclear offensively was appreciated. He was a fiery 44.5% shooting from beyond the arc and his energy is contagious. He’s a solid bench guy that does nothing but benefit the team.

The Suns are expected to bring numerous players back, and this is the first time that Lee‘s name was mentioned amongst those players. Torrey Craig, Terrence Ross, and T.J. Warren – the team’s wings – have been referenced previously. If they can add Lee once again, knowing his offensive tendencies, it does well, allowing the Suns to keep the scoring occurring while they’re big guns get rest.

Will know more once July 1 hits, but this is news I think we can all get behind. Now get back to work!

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