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Suns Free Agency: Jock Landale’s qualifying offer pulled off the table, becomes a UFA

He received a qualifying offer on Wednesday. On Friday, it was gone.

2023 NBA Playoffs - Denver Nuggets v Phoenix Suns Photo by Barry Gossage/NBAE via Getty Images

You never know what is going to happen when NBA free agency arrives. In a surprising move just prior to free agency opening up, the Phoenix Suns chose to pull the qualifying offer designated for Jock Landale off of the table. The restricted free agent enters unrestricted free agency with the move.

His initial offer was for $2.2 million. The assumption is that this has nothing to do with cap space. Mat Ishbia can barely spell those words, let alone interpret their meaning.

The decision comes as NBA free agency is set to begin, implying that the Suns are doing so because they have found two other unrestricted free agents prepared to take veteran minimum contracts with the team.

Landale played in 69 games last season for the Suns and provided an energetic spark off the bench. He is someone who hustles and embeds himself deep into the paint, creating offensive opportunities for a team that likes to get out and run. Keeping him made sense, especially following Frank Vogel’s comments about his desire to have Phoenix play with “pace during the Bradley Beal press conference.

Alas, the pulling of the qualifying offer opens the door for Jock to become an unrestricted free agent. He will hit a market that, for centers, possesses numerous options on low-level contracts, which is certainly why the Suns chose not to play the RFA game.

We will continue to monitor how the Suns navigate the center position and fortify the bench behind Deandre Ayton.

It is unfortunate to see Jock go. He was a fan favorite and an energy guy. He played with heart and gave us some amazing moments in his one year in the Valley. He instantly made an impact, scoring 17 points off of the bench in the fourth game of the season against the Golden State Warriors.

Bets of luck to Jock and his future endeavors.

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