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Summer Suns jerseys could be an Easter egg of what 2023-24 uniform sets will be

Phoenix is changing it up next season. Have they tipped their hand as to what the new unis will look like?

2023 NBA Las Vegas Summer League - Milwaukee Bucks v Phoenix Suns Photo by Bart Young/NBAE via Getty Images

I don’t think anyone cares as much about the Phoenix Suns uniforms more than I do. At least publicly. At least on this website. Every time a new set is dropped or a slight tweak is made, I’m the one on Bright Side who comes running to my keyboard to give you the update and provide my thoughts on the threads.

I spent the early part of June re-creating every single damn jersey in franchise history simply to streamline them onto one page for my visual viewing pleasure. Because I’m partially insane, partially OCD, and 100% a Suns historian who wants to ensure that something like this exists on the internet.

The comment section is typically filled with the same cadence of observations. “Who cares?” “It’s what we do in the uniforms that matters”. “They’re just uniforms.”

As Dr. Connors would say, “I concur”. But still, I love me a new uniform and hope that someday the Suns will wise up and return to the simple elegance the Wild West uniforms once provided. KISS. Keep it simple, stupid.

There will be new Association and Icon edition uniforms for the 2023-24 season – better known as home white and away purple – and, whether you like ‘em or leave ‘em, they will don the most potent team on paper in franchise history. Devin and Kevin, Brad and DA; the memories of this season will be painted in the uniforms that they wear.

The Vegas Summer League has been our first Easter egg as to what the Suns new uniforms may be, and following some leaked versions in of what Phoenix plans to unveil, they seem to confirm those rumors. Through the first three games in Las Vegas, we’ve seen the slanted word mark on the Suns’ jersey set, which leads us to believe that an updated version of the sunburst is on the horizon.

The best place to go for answers to this information is @SunsUniTracker on Twitter, who does a stellar job of keeping his ear to the ground and eyes on the internet, looking for trademark applications and hints as to what the Suns have cooking.

Using his graphic design capability, he puts together his mocks of what he believes the Suns might be up to, and hasn’t missed much. He called the Statement Edition set last season, as well as the City Edition turquoises. He has a long track record of being plugged in to this kind of thing, which makes a guy like me smile and admire his work.

Using that slanted Summer League font as a guide, as well as the leaked concepts last winter, and SunsUniTracker began putting together his guesses as to what the Suns will debut for the 2023-24 season.


Here come those comments again, about how they don’t matter or care. But I’m giving you my thoughts anyways!

The Suns are once again embracing the sunburst, just as they did in 2014 when they left the 7SOL era behind. That version of the homage to the Barkley era was far less prominent than these proposed versions. This clearly has the sunburst back, subdued basketball and all. The wordmark remains the same as it did in 2014 when the Suns changed from the blocky versions of the past.

But why subdue the basketball? On the purple version, you barely see it exists. It’s a streamlined modern version of what debuted for the 1992-93 season, sure, but it doesn’t hit right. While these are an upgrade from what Phoenix has been wearing since 2017, it feels incomplete.

SunsUniTracker provided another vision of what the threads could be, and these are much more engaging. You know, if a jersey could be “engaging”.


This is what I’m talking about, and solves some of the issues I had with the above set.

The basketball is highly visible and mirrors the current Suns’ logo. The steaks truly make the sunburst pop, especially on the purple jersey. It is reminiscent of the 1992-93 jersey sets, but with a modern twist. Shaken, not stirred.

But we’re not done yet! Another vision proposed could see the Suns stay with their current shade of purple (hex #1D1160 for my fellow graphic design nerds out there) and outlining the sunburst in orange rather than white. Rather than the wordmark being above the burst, it would be inside of it, and it too is a clean look that I can get behind.


Random question: What doesn’t Mat Ishbia poll uniform concepts? He’s a progressive guy. He listens to the fanbase. Why not put some sets out there and let us decide, assuming the trolls don’t ruin the party? With the amount of designers out there — and there are some damn good ideas in the ether — why not let us chose our own fate?

Ultimately, it’s out of our hands and the comments are all correct. It doesn’t matter. It is what it is. But if this is what it is, I believe the Suns could do better. We — and by “we” I mean “I” — will patiently waiting for the big unveil this offseason, and I’ll be right here to critique them.

The Suns have sent out invites to their season ticket holders, informing them that in late-July they are invited to an event in which no cell phones or photography is permitted. This is where the Suns will most likely unveil their updated uniforms and we’ll see them publicly in early August.

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