Worlds critique of Suns is no defense. Same w Bols

Most people seem to be mystified by Bols skill set, but why are they scouring cyberspace for answers in highlight reels? I do the same all the time admittedly, with Bol and all other newcombers to the team; However, in that 2019 draft my two guys were Ty Jerome and Bol Bol. While both are polarizing enigmas at best for people I am in their corners to the end. Bol Bols profile shouldn't be that polarizing. Bigs are injury prone and his profile is much like Durants in that sense. However minds are stretched trying to think what can Bol do defensively - I don't really share their confusion. The only think to reference for an answe is Rudy Gobert and how he plays with ctuches on offense essentially. Gobert is about as cut and dry as it can be - Gobert is very long, steady and consistenty contesting. I think people get a glue guy confused with an anchor guy. Gobert isn't doing much on defense besides remaining active consistent and reliably in position. It's his profile that he relys on. Bol standing in the low post moving from side to side is enough for my money as the best defensive backup center in the league. Exactly like Gobert you don't want the mismatch. Pulling Bol out to the perimeter is cooking a goose out there for any guard. But the exact opposite is true, and the Suns have control of their scheme - guards driving inside are in no mans land with Bol in the paint. With Okogie, Watanabe, Goodwin and Bol out there, I would say it's the second unit that will challenge the first unit to be on point with defense. All of those guys are interchangable with the front unit to me, and will give a boost each time they are played with them. Maybe one of them will be in the starting lineup anyway. What do you think about Bol Bol and his defensive benefits?