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Offseason Report: The Phoenix Suns’ balanced attack earns an A+

Phoenix added another star while bringing in depth. Was this the best-case scenario for the Suns?

Phoenix Suns Introduce Bradley Beal - Press Conference Photo by Barry Gossage / NBAE via Getty Images

I’m typically the cautiously optimistic type of fan. The pessimistic one. The realist. Whatever you want to call it.

This offseason from the Phoenix Suns exceeded my wildest expectations on multiple fronts. I have no complaints at this point and believe Phoenix knocked it out of the park given the situation they were in financially.

Let’s start at the top. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Monty Williams as a human and for what he did during his time in Phoenix. That being said, I ultimately agreed that moving on from him was the best course of action with everything that’s transpired the past 24 months.

Frank Vogel will bring a combination of experience and toughness that the Phoenix Suns desperately need(ed).

Roster construction is important to factor in when hiring a coach of Vogel’s nature. I believe they wanted to lean into a defensive-minded coach to guide what should be a natural offensive juggernaut.

Phoenix Suns Introduce Bradley Beal - Press Conference Photo by Barry Gossage / NBAE via Getty Images

Replacing Monty wasn’t an easy decision, and the options were limited, so hiring someone of Vogel’s pedigree was necessary for a team making such an impactful decision.

He’s going to get the most defensively out of a team that may not scream “defense” on paper. They don’t even need to be elite, they just need to be competent on that end to have a chance at a title. Vogel will accept that challenge with open arms.

Phoenix added another star that is in their prime to replace CP3 in Bradley Beal. Not only is he another star, but he’s one that can play effectively on and off the ball.

Phoenix Suns Introduce Bradley Beal - Portraits Photo by Barry Gossage / NBAE via Getty Images

They added a sixth man who can lead the second unit when they need a bucket and help spread the floor and play alongside their stars. Eric Gordon’s heart has been in Phoenix for over a decade now. He’s finally home.

The two big “splashes” have similar player profiles in being shot creators that can play off the ball, but can also bring the ball up and create for others when needed. Ideally, you will always have at least one (more likely two) of Booker, Beal, and Gordon on the court at all times.

The best way to put it is they are built well for both the regular season and the playoffs, which is a rare combination these days.

Versatility + Interchangeability

Now how about on the margins? Phoenix’s need for size and shooting has been an issue for several years now. When they couldn’t shoot, they had the size on the court, but when they could shoot, it felt like they didn’t have the size. Now? They have a modest combination of both at their disposal.

The versatility and multi-positional guys that have size and can shoot the ball should excite Frank Vogel and company. The lineup possibilities are endless.

Adding a pair of forwards/wings in Keita Bates-Diop and Yuta Watanabe that have size and the ability to shoot which fits exactly what Phoenix needed to target around their core.

Brooklyn Nets v Phoenix Suns Photo by Kate Frese/NBAE via Getty Images

Josh Okogie and Jordan Goodwin’s ability to shoot remains to be seen, but they are long, disruptive athletes that can defend like hell. In most cases, there will be 3-4 shooters on the court surrounding the likes of these two or Deandre Ayton. Spacing will be improved without sacrificing size, and that excites me.


The additions of Bates-Diop and Watanabe gave them the size they needed on the wing, but they weren’t done yet. KBD’s ability to rebound is also huge, as he is the closest thing they’ve had to a “traditional” power forward in a while, though he projects more as a combo forward.

Chimezie Metu and Drew Eubanks (both listed around ~6’9”/6’10”) may be a bit undersized for your typical center, but their style of play is anything but small.

Phoenix Suns v San Antonio Spurs Photos by Logan Riely/NBAE via Getty Images

Metu and Eubanks played together in San Antonio for two seasons in 2018-19 and 2019-20 early in their careers. They are both out of the Pac-12 Conference as well (USC and Oregon State respectively) and have had battles in the college ranks.

They will each try to dunk on you. They will contest shots. They hustle. They’re not the same player by any means, but they offer similar traits that fit what Frank Vogel will want out of his big man.

That will add some pressure for Deandre Ayton to perform at a high level because if he’s not bringing it, they have two guys that will give it their all ready to go on the bench.

Plus you factor Bol Bol being added to the mix, and it’s a gamble I’m all for at the end of the bench. He is still very raw and incomplete as a player in terms of what his identity is, but the upside is there. His highs are very high and his lows are... well, low. That’s a swing I’m more than content with when looking at the back end of the roster.

They’re going to be able to throw some funky lineups out there and I’m here for it.

Orlando Magic v Phoenix Suns Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images


When taking a brief look at the moves made across the board, it’s difficult not to be happy with the end result.

I’ll present this without comment and let you be the judge.

Guard Rotation last season:

Chris Paul, Devin Booker, Landry Shamet, Cam Payne, Damion Lee, Saben Lee

Guard Rotation entering 2023-24:

Bradley Beal, Devin Booker, Eric Gordon, Jordan Goodwin, Damion Lee, Saben Lee

Wing/Forward Rotation last season:

Kevin Durant, Torrey Craig, Josh Okogie, TJ Warren, Terrence Ross, Ish Wainright

Wing/Forward Rotation entering 2023-24:

Kevin Durant, Keita Bates-Diop, Yuta Watanabe, Josh Okogie, Ish Wainright, Toumani Camara

Big Man Rotation last season:

Deandre Ayton, Jock Landale, Bismack Biyombo, Darius Bazley

Big Man Rotation entering 2023-24:

Deandre Ayton, Drew Eubanks, Chimezie Metu, Bol Bol

Overall, I believe Phoenix’s ability to add another star AND depth should not be taken lightly. Yes, health will be a factor. There are no guarantees in this league by any stretch, but that goes for every team.

This is a title contender with fewer flaws than they had entering the 2023 NBA Playoffs, and that’s exciting. Buckle up, Suns fans. It’s going to be a fun season.

Phoenix Suns v Washington Wizards Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images

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