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New Suns uniform leaks continue, and we may have a winner

The Suns have new uniforms on the horizon and we should know soon exactly what they are.

The Twitter — or X? — detectives have been at it again as the date draws near for the Phoenix Suns to drop their new uniforms sets, the leaks are filling the corners of the Internet with what the new design will ultimately look like. We’ve been following @SunsUniTracker for his continual updates, but following a season ticker holder only event this past week, it appears that we know what to expect.

A Tweet out of Canada, where it is rumored the jerseys are already bring sold, confirms what many believe.

An ode to the sunburst uniforms that originally debuted prior to the 1992-92 Suns’ season, a season which transformed the landscape of the Phoenix universe, the new-look uniform sets will have a sleek, non-gradient sunburst streaking across the front. The dark purple that the team has utilized since 2014 will remain, as will the stylized font that says, “Suns” across the front. The basketball is not orange, however, it is white and mirrors the basketball that is part of the Suns’ primary logo.

The number font remains the same as well. The Suns have given a modern twist on one of the most iconic jerseys in the history of the NBA.

These are pretty darn close to what @SunsUniTracker predicted, and if his predictions are correct, the white jersey will look like much of the same, with both have “Suns” in white across the sunburst instead of above it (like the 92-93 version).

Fans who attended the season ticket holder only affair are confirming that these indeed are the new threads. The official statement and marketing campaign behind the new uniform launch should sometime next week.

We’ve talked about multiple different variations of the upcoming jerseys, so this isn’t the biggest of surprises. What are your thoughts on this new look?

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