This Suns super team incarnation is not afraid of the challenge

Beal is here to play a role. He is being asked to accept the responsibility of being an excellent player to fulfill a job. His defense needs to be better, his offense needs to be measured, his possession time and decision making concise and conscientious. This is not what is asked of these stereotypical super team acquisitions. Beal has a very clear role that he is coming on to play, and if that changes, that's equally fine. That is the luxury of having superstars on a team. Not for them to expect a team to congealed around them. But the team shelling it out for their services to play at any capacity that's necessary for the team, because they're talented enough to accept that responsibility. The impotence is on Beal to create and to fill the shoes of Chris Paul. The impotence is to play point guard for the best shooting guard in the game. To play stifling defense and to play quick decisive offense. Nothing like what was happening in Washington. And that's something he is thrilled about. As much as it's Bookers team it's Brad's momentum that will show what the Suns are as this team and its completely unlike the expressed expectations of a standard super team. Brad's here to do a job and I can't wait to see him embrace that.