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Suns Reacts Survey: What changing the Ayton narrative means

DA is focused on changing the narrative. But what does that even mean?

2023 NBA Playoffs- Los Angeles Clippers v Phoenix Suns Photo by Kate Frese/NBAE via Getty Images

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What was that old Monty quote? “Well done is better than well said”?

The relationship between the former Suns’ head coach and starting center Deandre Ayton was a tumultuous one, and now that their tenor together has come to an end, we are left wondering if it was the chicken or it was the egg that equated to the former #1 overall pick’s narrative. That narrative has been around attitude and effort, consistency and lack thereof, finesse rather than aggression.

Monty is gone now, and with a new defensive-minded head coach in Frank Vogel occupying that void, the opportunity for DA as he enters year six in there for the taking. Couple that with a lineup with more firepower than Killer Instinct’s Cinder, and Ayton has a chance to truly change the narrative around his play.

He is aware of this narrative, stating that, “I feel the whole world hating me,” Ayton stated. “I think I’m the guy a lot of people point at. I see it, I feel it. Mainly what I’ve been working on five or six days a week since we’ve lost is just motivating myself to change the narrative of what people think about me.”

But what exactly does that mean? And what does that mean to you? Is he a player who needs to focus on changing the narrative, and if so, how does he go about accomplishing this?

This is the question we are asking in this week’s Suns Reacts. A loaded question, sure, with potentially more than one answer. If there was one thing that Ayton could do to change the narrative, what do you believe it would be? “Well done is better than well said”, right?

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