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SBN Reacts: The Bahamas has our attention and curiosity in FIBA international play

Team USA is cool, but Team Bahamas has our intrigue.

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The FIBA World Cup is scheduled to tip off next week, and while Team USA features former members of the Phoenix Suns rostered in Mikal Bridges and Cameron Johnson, that is not where the intrigue lies. At least for those who are Suns’ fans.

It is the FIBA Pre-Olympics Qualifying Tournament, specifically the one taking place in the Americas, that we’ll be paying attention to. The Bahamian National Team rosters two active members of the Phoenix Suns, and they are two players who will have an impact on the 2023-24 season.

Deandre Ayton, who has stated he aims to “change the narrative” this offseason as it pertains to how he plays and how it is perceived, is joined by 34-year old guard and new teammate Eric Gordon. Gordon’s mother is of Bahamian decent and he has made the jump from Team USA to the Bahamas, being allowed to do so by FIBA.

It will be our first opportunity to see both DA and Air Gordon on the court at the same time, and while the Bahamas is ranked 56th in the world, their addition should assist in their chances to qualify for their first Olympic games.

The task before them will be challenging. Looking at the FIBA World Rankings of other teams participating in the Americas Tournament (the Bahamas is in Group A):

Group A:

  • Argentina: FIBA World Ranking: 4
  • Panama: FIBA World Ranking: 51
  • Cuba: FIBA World Ranking: 70

Group B:

  • Uruguay: FIBA World Ranking: 46
  • Columbia: FIBA World Ranking: 52
  • Chile: FIBA World Ranking: 66
  • Virgin Islands: FIBA World Ranking: 134

The Bahamas open up against Cuba at 3:10pm Arizona time.

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