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Seeking the feedback from the Bright Side of the Sun community

Oh, hey! How are you doing? Care to provide some feedback?

There’s an old saying, that “feedback is a gift”. I truly believe this, and have shied away from the words constructive criticism throughout my professional career. The word “criticism” has a negative connotation and therefore it evokes a defensive response to the feedback provided. Constructive or not, it doesn’t hit the ear right and creates barriers rather than the opportunity desired.

It’s been over a month since I have taken the reins as the managing editor and site manager for Bright Side of the Sun from Dave King. And I’ll tell you this, I’m absolutely loving it. I love this basketball organization, this writing team, this community, and I love this forum to analyze, theorize, and provide my thoughts on the state of the franchise. I am appreciative of how welcoming the community has been as I’ve increased my footprint on this site.

Again, feedback as a gift.

As we prepare to embark on what feels like one of the most highly anticipated seasons in Suns history, I want to hear from you. What are we doing well at Bright Side? What can we do better? What would you like to see more of? What would you like to see less of? Are you interested in joining the team as a contributor? How do we create more engagement? What subjects, outside of Deandre, Ayton, fire you up?

To know what you don’t know is to know. I know that I don’t know everything and I know I don’t know the answers to all of these questions. That is why I am reaching out to the community to see how we can continue to grow this into the best Phoenix Suns blog site on the interweb.

I welcome your feedback in the comments below and look forward to instituting the necessary changes to help us continue to grow as a community. Thank you for your gift feedback, and again, thank you for accepting me as your site manager.

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