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Suns Poll: Yuta “The Shoota” Watanabe and Drew “Drewbanks” Eubanks

Which player are you most looking forward to watching this upcoming season?

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“Get your popcorn ready!” Terrell Owens once famously quoted, sitting next to Jerry Jones during his introductory press conference after joining the Dallas Cowboys. Different sport, but you can feel the same excitement here in Phoenix heading into next season.

Actually, wait on the popcorn for another couple of months. When you sit down for the first time to turn on a Phoenix Suns game, regular season or not, it is going to be a thrill. Then you are permitted to enjoy your snack of choice.

Players move around the league constantly, keeping fans entertained and intrigued. The Suns brought in some enticing role players with a lot to look forward to — and some high expectations already — with the season only two months away.

I did say “only”, because it will be here before you know it!

Until then, give us your vote and thoughts on today’s matchup between Yuta Watanabe and Drew Eubanks. New additions to the Suns that bring different aspects to the court. Who are you most excited to watch this upcoming season?

Yuta Watanabe

Get used to chanting, “Yuta! Yuta!” at home games with his selfless ball movement and momentous confidence leading to wide open threes, Yuta Watanabe will be an instant favorite as soon as the season begins. Actually, he might already be, as he was voted the most exciting addition to the roster this season by you Bright Siders.

His attitude looks contagious, along with his flair to flex and smile on the court, will win the fans over instantly.

This doesn’t mean it will lead to game-winning shots or player of the game honors. Or does it? It might, and while I am looking forward to many of these players generating some solid minutes this year, Yuta is at the top of my list of most interesting.

I am looking for his game to evolve more. Not to an all-star status, but a confident player who will drain big shots, leading to the opponents coach frantically calling a timeout. Then leading to T-SHIRT TIME!

Drew Eubanks

This pure backup center turned a lot of heads this offseason when signing with the Suns. Eubanks will fill a role behind Deandre Ayton, with solid minutes and effort that will hopefully bleed onto Ayton.

Eubanks has the confidence that the Suns were looking for. He never doubts himself. Even looking like MJ at times! Please see below.

All kidding aside, we have seen the effort guys behind Ayton for years now, like Jock Landale, Bismack Biyombo, and even Aaron Baynes. Now, having Eubanks as the backup center, the energy will continue to pile.

I look forward to his pick-and-roll offense off the bench and his hustle. Outplaying most backup centers in the league, this can lead to a 1-2 punch between him and Ayton.

The constant focus on the Suns “Big Four” this upcoming season, will lead to gaps that Eubanks and Watanabe can fill, keeping this team afloat as a potential #1 seed in the western conference.

Now, who are you most excited to watch this season? Eubanks or Watanabe? It’s a battle of cool nicknames!


Which player are you looking forward to watching the most?

This poll is closed

  • 77%
    Yuta Watanabe
    (318 votes)
  • 22%
    Drew Eubanks
    (93 votes)
411 votes total Vote Now

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