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The next step in Booker’s evolution is to become an alpha leader

Without Chris Paul in the mix next season, can Booker become the new leader of the Suns?

NBA: Playoffs-Denver Nuggets at Phoenix Suns Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

When you look at a player like Devin Booker and ask, “what else can he do to improve on the court?”, what is first thing that comes to mind? There doesn't seem to be too much room for improvement, right? When the final buzzer sounded, ending the 2022-23 season for the Suns, you know that Bookers first thoughts were racing towards improvement.

A player of Booker’s status can bring you to tears when he leaves everything on the court every season. And leave it on the court he did. He averaged 33.7 points on 58.5% hooting during the postseason, doing everything he could to will his team to victory. Those tears might only seem like sadness, but they are also grateful. They will then turn to joy when Booker eventually brings a title to the Phoenix Suns.

When? Who knows, but you know it’s in his DNA to get the job done here.

A friend said to me the other day, “I’m scared that Book is going to get traded.” Yes, I have a few friends. I replied, “There is no way in hell that will ever happen!”

I lied. It was actually a first date, and I haven’t heard back from her. Should I give her a call or wait a week? I forget the rules.

Booker is money, and he knows it. He’s also made his money by his actions and dedication to excellence on the court and now calls Phoenix home.

I think we’re past those worries as Suns fans, and we’ve been past that for the last three seasons.

Bookers career is now in a gray area or I guess you can say limbo. This will gain attraction from the talking heads, trying to poke the bear. The bear is Booker and the questions you will see on those morning shows on ESPN will be, “Coming up this season: is Devin Booker a choker?”

Maybe not to that extent right away, but once the Suns start winning this season, and we go through his playoffs past, there’s gonna be the question of, “Does he have what it takes to win?” It’s a spotlight that Booker will be unable to escape now that he has the best team around him in his career.

Now, the real question is, what will Booker improve on this upcoming season, in hopes to put the Suns over the top and into the realm of champions?

We will have to rely on Booker to be the leader and the absolute number one guy on the Suns next to Bradley Beal and Kevin Durant. You could see in the past with Chris Paul, and the team the leadership skills have rubbed off on Devin Booker.

Booker’s next big step is to be the leader, and to direct DA in a way to succeed alongside Coach Vogel, and to make sure Beal and Durant fall in line.

This is his team and there is no question that Booker is an absolute alpha male, but can he actually stay his humble self on the court? Bring the aggression of the right moments? Tap into his winning ways when the team is down? Pick DA up when he loses confidence, and take the final shot standing next to Durant and Beal?

It may seem like too much to ask of Booker, but this is what his career has eventually come down to: Leading a team without a true point guard to a championship and using his will to win to get there.

Booker’s three point percentage was off to a hot start last year but then dipped down back to 35%. Yes, it would be nice for him to improve from three, maybe get over the hump and get to 40%, but we have others on the teams that can fill those shoes.

I am looking for Booker to be a true leader on this team, to be humble and to brag when it’s necessary. Also, to tell a fan to shut up every now and then. Beal, Durant, and DA will look up the Booker this year in guiding them to a Championship.

I think Booker is up for it! What do you think?

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