The only deandre ayton trade that is truly palatable...

So our Suns have to find their way to the rubric of the late Jordan Bulls. The way we have paid, bent over backwards to order this team, it's just a championship year without question and without excuse. Nash kobe artest and Howard, that was sort of another incarnation of old hall of Famers tires getting kicked, Kobes unlocked shooting guard potential with one of the great point guards, it was too theoretical. But we're also like the big three heat. Except they were exceptional on defense from fhe jump, exceptional two way players, one of the best facilitators of all time, it was a plug and play beauty. But to coalesce both examples to explain the Suns, we need to crack the whip like Jordan did for his teams, and we also need to have some bully, crazy, wild coyote defense and rebounding.

DA may well have the season he always should have had. It's how centers work, especially one who started on basketball late, one who has truly never had a coach invest in his skill. It's all there for him now, but we all contemplate, does DA desire it, does all of this cosmological alignment for his take off year matter to his motivation? The facts are what they are. We need cap space, we have three dominant scoring machines. That wasn't in either Miami or Chicago. We need a super Rodman, a center, who can plug the paint, grab 20 boards and foul himself out of games, someone who completely comes to be not just a glue guy, but a super glue guy. If we can nab a junk yard dog for the three headed trip to rely on, if we can grab a disgruntled young facilitator, that's the team I am seeing stars around.

Don't know how, don't ask me how. DA for Mitchell Robinson and Payton Pritchard. That's my call for a championship.