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Mat Ishbia makes Suns more accessible, providing free TV antennas for fans

The new Suns owner is doing everything he can to ensure the fan base can watch his team.

Phoenix Suns Introduce Kevin Durant Photo by Kate Frese/NBAE via Getty Images

I feel like starting this piece like a television announcer. You know, like the guy telling you to come on down to the dealership on Sunday? Because this bit of Phoenix Suns news, which has to do with television, is simply fantastic, and seeing as it pertains to television, it is only fitting.

Are you a Suns fan? Do you live in the local Phoenix market? Are you not able to access Phoenix Suns basketball due to the sheer fact that you cannot receive the live local broadcast that will be on KTVK this season? Do you need an antenna in an effort to watch your beloved Suns? Then have I got a deal for you! Mat Ishbia, new Suns owner, has dedicated his time, money, and effort on the fan experience. The newest addition to that fan experience is, if you’re facing any of the problems on the above, he will ship you a complementary TV antenna simply so you can watch the games.

That’s the news that hit the air this week as reported by Arizona Sports Kellan Olson.

People don’t utilize antennas anymore. Remember, growing up and having rabbit ears on top of your TV as a kid? Sometimes you have to move them and make them touch a piece of metal in hopes that it would be more conductive simply to get a steady signal? With streaming and Internet-based television services, coupled with cable packages, accessibility to TV has gone high-tech over the past 30 years. If you were to hand a child a TV antenna these days, they wouldn’t know what to do with it or what it was.

For those who cannot afford Internet, streaming services, or do not have cable, public television is free. The one caveat? You need a TV antenna to receive it.

Mat Ishbia wants everybody to enjoy Phoenix Suns basketball, not just this season, but for seasons to come. While it might not be the best financial move to take his team off of cable sports networks, he understands the foundational aspect of having accessibility to his product.

“We’re not focusing on money,” Ishbia stated, “We’re focusing on winning, success, and taking care of fans.”

He is taking it another step further. If you do not have a TV antenna, you simply need to fill out a form and submit it and the Mat Ishbia team will send you one.

From Kellan Olson’s news release:

The antennas courtesy of the Suns, Arizona’s Family and Channel Master: Antennas will be given out while supplies last and heading directly to you. Fans can sign up on

Fans can set up the antennas to be mounted on a wall, window or place it flat on a tabletop. Chandler-based Channel Master has some instructional videos fans can watch in order for some assistance on installation.

And for any additional questions on the partnership with Arizona’s Family and where to find their channels, the Suns have an FAQ with additional information.

The gifts that Ishbia are providing continue to be astounding. From a terrifying roster with championship aspirations to accessibility to the team – and everything in between – this is another move in which you have to be thankful for who and what the new ownership has done for this organization, for this team, and for the fan base.

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