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Phoenix Suns unveil two new court designs for upcoming season

Phoenix is embracing purple for the 2023-24 NBA season.

On a night in which a vast majority of the basketball community is downloading the newly released NBA2K, the Phoenix Suns chose an ideal time to reveal more perks around the 2023-24 season for the team. The roster? Revamped. The uniforms? Reimagined. The home court? Redesigned.

Millions of fans and players will be logging in to play NBA2K24 tonight for the first time, myself included. It’s literally downloading right now. And while I anxiously wait to play with a team that will be one of the most popular on the video game, the Suns’ marketing team released via Twitter what we will soon find out when we play the game: That the home court for the team is getting a face lift.

The ‘Core Court’ has less orange and more purple this upcoming season, with the key being colored purple rather than orange like previous seasons. The sidelines will use block gradients of black and purple that we have come to adore when the Valley designs were first introduced. The Suns logo crosses center court as in years past, but due to the influx of purple and black, it pops more.

It is a sleek look that embraces less of PLNT ORNG and more of the purple that has been missing.

That isn’t all that the Suns keyed us into on Thursday night. A secondary court, called the ‘Statement Edition Court’, was also revealed.

Similar to the Core Court, but with the ‘PHX’ wordmark across center court, this court will be utilized when the Suns wear their highly popular and returning black Statement Edition uniforms this season. My only critique on this is that the key should match the center court color, filled with black with a gradient border, but understand why the team wouldn’t do this from an operational standpoint.

Both courts, like everything else the Suns have done this offseason, are an upgrade. I feel like such a homer as I find it hard to critique much of what Phoenix has done since I took the reins of Bright Side. It’s a wonderful time to be a Suns fans.

Okay, back the download is complete. See you on the courts of NBA2K.

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