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24 trade targets for the 2024 Phoenix Suns

Things are bad. Why not?

Phoenix Suns v Miami Heat Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

We all hope the Phoenix Suns are at their rock bottom right now. We’ve felt that way several times already throughout the season, so go figure.

It’s time to get weird and see what’s out there. Here are 24 trade targets for the Phoenix Suns in the year 2024.

We are not here to discuss the formalities, rules, or exceptions. If you want details on what the Suns can and can’t do, read this from Dave King:

How to acquire

The buyout market is an option, though the Suns cannot acquire someone making more than $12.4 million if they go that route.

The Suns...

  1. CAN aggregate salaries this year, in and out
  2. CANNOT take on more than 10% more salary coming back in a trade of players
  3. CAN sign a guy who was bought out, but only if he made less than $12.4 million
  4. CAN use a trade exception to acquire a player from another team into a roster spot, but cannot be included with outgoing players. Has to be used by itself to acquire someone else’s player into the salary spot
  • Dario Saric trade exception = $4.975 million, usable through 2/9/2024
  • Cameron Payne trade exception = $6.5 million, usable through 9/7/2024
  • There’s also small Isaiah Todd and Toumani Camara ones, but they are under $2 mil each

DISCLAIMER(S): For those who will jump straight to the comments and not read the article, this is for you.

1) No, the Suns cannot solve all their problems by making trades. I am fully aware of that. Internal issues are far more pressing and their solution is to dig themselves out of this hole.

2) No, the Suns cannot make a “splashy” trade with how limited they are due to roster and contract construction. We all knew this heading into the season.

3) Yes, the Suns can still make some moves on the margins and try to add a piece or two that sparks the team and fits well with their “Big 3”.

I went ahead and crowdsourced for this one, asking Twitter “X” for some names that the team should target.

The Popular Targets

(2023-24 salary listed)

This group was mentioned the most frequently in the replies to this tweet and just in general throughout the season. This group is more on the realistic side from a salary and availability perspective.

#1) Andre Drummond — Center, Chicago Bulls ($3.3 million)

Andre Drummond would help with some of the interior struggles and give them a different look at center to pair with Nurkic down low. Drummond is a rebounding machine, averaging 8.8 rebounds in just 16.1 minutes per game.

Phoenix Suns v Chicago Bulls Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

#2) Royce O’Neale — Forward, Brooklyn Nets ($9.5 million)

#3) Alex Caruso — Guard, Chicago Bulls ($9.4 million)

#4) TJ McConnell — PG, Indiana Pacers ($8.7 million)

#5) PJ Tucker — Forward, Los Angeles Clippers ($11.0 million)

This group isn’t the sexiest list of names, but there are realistic paths to get them and it’s easy to see a world in which all five are available.

PJ Tucker is divisive as many fear he is past his playing days, but the nostalgia, toughness, and veteran leadership he would provide keeps his name popping up in Suns land.

The Interesting Targets

This group may be less likely to happen, but I wouldn’t mind attempting to make something happen here. Let’s get creative.

#6) Marcus Smart — G/F, Memphis Grizzlies ($18.5 million)

This one feels like a longshot given the salary, but with Ja Morant out for the season maybe the Grizzlies look to shake things up. Smart’s toughness and ability to defend multiple positions would help... a lot.

Memphis Grizzlies v Phoenix Suns Photo by Barry Gossage/NBAE via Getty Images

#7) Dennis Schröder — PG, Toronto Raptors ($12.4 million)

#8) Kris Dunn — PG, Utah Jazz ($2.5 million)

#9) Daniel Gafford — Center, Washington Wizards ($12.4 million)

#10) Kelly Olynyk — F/C, Utah Jazz ($12.1 million)

#11) Zach Collins — Center, San Antonio Spurs ($7.7 million)

#12) Tyus Jones — Point Guard, Washington Wizards ($14.0 million)

#13) Alec Burks — Guard, Detroit Pistons (10.4 million)

#14) Saddiq Bey — Forward, Atlanta Hawks ($4.5 million)

#15) Goga Bitadze — Center, Orlando Magic ($2.0 million)

#16) Nick Richards — Center, Charlotte Hornets ($5.0 million)

There is a good chance that either some of these guys won’t be available, or if they are the Suns cannot afford them.

That being said, I’d take a stab at trying to acquire some of these guys in creative ways to solve their issues at the center and point guard position specifically.

“The Rest” of the Targets

#17) Torrey Craig — Forward, Chicago Bulls ($2.5 million)


Phoenix Suns v Chicago Bulls Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

#18) Otto Porter Jr. — Forward, Toronto Raptors ($6.3 million)

#19) Jalen McDaniels — Forward, Toronto Raptors ($4.5 million)

#20) Dennis Smith Jr. — Point Guard, Brooklyn Nets ($2.5 million)

#21) Richaun Holmes — Center, Dallas Mavericks ($12.0 million)

#22) JaVale McGee — Center, Sacramento Kings (3.1 million)

#23) Harrison Barnes — Forward, Sacramento Kings ($17.0 million)

#24) Reggie Bullock — Wing, Houston Rockets ($3.1 million)

This group has a combination of “meh”, “are we doing this again”, and a couple of salary dumps that don’t make a ton of sense.

There are some fits I like in here, but no one that will end up being a true difference-maker.

There you go. 24 names.

Which one do you like best? Who was omitted? Let us know in the comments!

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