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Bright Side Night is Tuesday and we’ve sold it out!

The Phoenix Suns play the Sacramento Kings and it’ll be rowdy with all of the children you’re sending to the game!

Giving back to the Phoenix Suns community is a primary passion for Dave King. The architect of Bright Side Night, which first occurred in 2017, has always stated that this is the most important thing that he does. To give those less fortunate an opportunity to attend a Suns’ game.

Prior to this season, you’ve sent over 20,000 children to see the Suns. That number grows again this year, with the experience getting even better for those in attendance.

This year, with your care, dedication, and donations, for the eighth annual Bright Side Night we will be sending 2,954 children to see the Suns play! 2,000 will be attending the game against the Sacramento Kings on Tuesday, with an additional 954 attending another game.

That’s right, between your donations, the Suns matching those donations, and Suns owner Mat Ishbia providing donations, we sold out Bright Side Night on Tuesday! Unbelievable. Overwhelming. Amazing. More adjectives than I can come up with!

Thank you!

Not only will these children have an opportunity to be in attendance for the game — which is slated to be quite the matchup — but they will be provided with a food voucher, team shop gift card, and Bright Side Night shirt. It is an entire experience for them!

Certain donors will be present before the game for a special Q&A with a special guest. I’m not spoiling the surprise as of yet, so you’ll have to stay tuned to see what we have cooking.

Again, from the bottom of our hearts here at Bright Side of the Suns: thank you. Thank you for making an everlasting impact on the lives of the children who get to attend the game. It is a core memory. And they have you to thank for it.

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