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Jusuf Nurkic has become the ultimate Suns’ teammate

On the court and off, Jusuf Nurkic never stops showing his love for the Suns and his teammates.

Chicago Bulls v Phoenix Suns Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

The Phoenix Suns are now on a seven-game win streak, having dispatched the Mavericks last night, so let’s take a little time to celebrate, and reflect on how awesome Suns starting center Jusuf Nurkic is as a teammate.

Cracking a smile, at least twice a game from the antics of Nurkic, helps me forget about the troubling start to the season and the loss of Mikal Bridges and Cameron Johnson. Winning, of course, helps you forget, but having fun while doing it and having a seven-foot Bosnian Beast lead the way, makes it even better.

If you are not following Nurkic on X (@bosnianbeast27) you are missing out on life-changing events! Nurkic does it all. Defending teammates, showing love, and responding to Shaq’s “fake news” posts.

The next TNT game that the Suns partake in, Nurkic needs to be interviewed post-game. There would be nothing better than Shaq and him going at it while Charles Barkley sits back and laughs at both of them. Now that's great television!

On the court, Nurkic will not hesitate to protect his teammates. An opposing team needs to know when he is on the court if they are going to try something. Especially when it comes to Keven Durant. KD is very close to Nurkic’s heart, they have been through it all this season. And if you mess with him? Well, just take a look at what will be coming your way.

Struggling this year, Drew Eubanks had me thinking that maybe there is a big-brother/little-brother connection between him and Nurk, disrupting any kind of growth that Eubanks might have. Or, even an intimidation factor. Nope! These two love each other! you can just see it in the bounce.

Or if you are taking shots at anyone wearing a sunburst across their chest on X, a response is just around the corner.

If he disagrees with the referees, taking to his phone from the locker room post-game, he will let the world know. In this context, Nurkic fouled out of the Suns’ recent matchup against the Indiana Pacers. He knew, along with every Suns fan, that those were ticky-tack fouls.

When the trade was made, and Nurkic came to Phoenix, I did not expect this type of personality. From what I remember in Portland, I always saw a serious Nurkic. Shoulders sunk, complaining while his team was losing. He didn’t appear to be an engaged player.

Maybe winning makes everybody a little happier and you can joke around a little bit more.

This seems to be a lasting thing for Nurkic, who will always have a response or an outtake that will make you smile. It makes you appreciate the fact that he knows how good this team can be, and by putting in all the work to get them to a 26-18 record, he is my favorite all-around player, from the court and off the court.

Another plus? We got rid of this guy for him.

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