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Is it wrong to wonder what John Wall is up to these days?

The Suns could use a playmaker and there isn’t much out there. Except for Bradley Beal’s old teammate.

Houston Rockets v Phoenix Suns Photo by Michael Gonzales/NBAE via Getty Images

I can’t believe I’m going to bring this up. This must be purely reactionary after the Phoenix Suns devastatingly lost to the Clippers last night. It just must be!

So...what is John Wall up to these days? I know. I know! I shouldn’t even suggest it, right?

The Suns have experienced a grand total of 88 minutes with the Big Three over 5 games. There is no need to start reaching into the far corners of the back of the medicine cabinet to help find a solution. Given the ways the Suns have played at times, however, I am frantically moving prescriptions around and looking for the one that will dumb my mind a tad.

It’s been a concern since the deal that sent Chris Paul to the Washington Wizards and brought Bradley Beal back in return. I mean, isn’t Beal the Eastern Conference version of Devin Booker? Isn’t he a stellar off-ball two-guard who can cut, create, and knock down jumpers? Surely having two Booker’s isn’t the solution the Suns had in mind.

What’s that? It is? Oh. Well, let’s learn a new term, shall we? Say it with me now. “Positonless basketball”. Sound it out if it doesn’t make sense.

I’m not saying it doesn’t make sense and that it couldn’t make sense in the future. But right now? The Suns are struggling with their identity as a basketball team, and part of the missing piece is they do not have a dedicated distributor on the team. Don’t get me’s one of many problems the team is having. But it is a problem.

Enter John Wall.

He’s old. He’s injury-prone. He’s toast. Could he help Phoenix?

I’m not suggesting that the Suns bring Wall to Phoenix in hopes that he is a starting point guard. I believe the chemistry and identity of the Booker and Beal experiment need to continue to develop. It’s way too early in the game to call the experiment a success or a failure.

Adding John Wall could have some ancillary effects, most notably adding a facilitator to the second team unit, which scores the 5th lowest points in the NBA and has the 2nd lowest assist totals. Flexibility could be provided as minutes are staggered with Booker and Beal on the floor with Wall and they could return to their natural positions during those minutes, rather than attempting to figure out if they need to playmaker or score.

There is a relationship that exists with Bradley Beal, of course. There is no other player in the NBA who Beal has played more games alongside, having appeared in 396 while with the Washington Wizards with Wall.

“Me and Brad are still brothers,” Wall said in November. “We still talk a lot. A lot of people always want to make us like we’re not cool with each other and that’s the reason why things happened. We still have conversations, we still talk a lot, I congratulated him on moving there. Hope the best for him and hopefully, he can finally win them a championship.”

“Yeah,” he added, “I would definitely, if I could join their team, for sure I would love that.”

John Wall last played with the Los Angeles Clipper last season, appearing in 34 and starting 3. He averaged 11.4 points and 5.2 assists in 22.2 minutes played. He last played nearly a year ago on January 13, 2023, after sustaining an abdominal injury.

That’s the risk you take with Wall. Given the type of player that he is, someone who attacks defenders somewhat recklessly, the 33-year-old former #1 overall pick is a high-risk addition.

Is he better than some of the young talent the Suns have on their bench at this point? I believe so. I truly do. Not better from a health or skill standpoint, but from a fit and the wrinkle he could add.

Have I lost my mind?


Should the Suns kick the tires on John Wall?

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