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The Phoenix Suns remember Dave King

The organization went above and beyond in honoring a Suns media legend.

After a long and arduous seven games on the road, the Phoenix Suns returned home on Tuesday night, defeating the Milwaukee Bucks 114-106. Amidst the fun and fanfare that surrounded the victory over the team that defeated them in the 2021 NBA Finals, there was one noticeably empty seat. There was one less voice to add to the fray. There was one less person to provide insightful observations on how the Suns beat the Bucks.

Our very own Dave King passed away on January 27 and his loss has resonated throughout the Suns community. He was a valuable voice, a selfless contributor who provided opportunities for countless who desired to be in Suns media, and always willing to take the time to listen and converse. This unquantifiable loss has reached further than I’m sure he ever would’ve cared to acknowledge. Dave, a humble soul, whose love for covering the Suns was unparalleled, wouldn’t have wanted all the attention he has received. But it is deserved.

On Tuesday night the Phoenix Suns remembered Dave as they placed a bouquet on media row and left his seat absent. His printed nameplate lay before a picture of King, flashing his memorable smile that he always never was without.

Prior to the game, a moment of silence was observed in his memory as public address announcer Vince Marotta spoke about Dave’s care, character, and passion for Bright Side Night. Over 23,000 children have attended Suns’ games due to the efforts of Dave, many experience their first game due to his kindness and willingness to give back to the community in which he lived and served.

I commend the Suns for their efforts in remembering our friend and colleague.

The team and organization handled the situation with professionalism and class. Mat Ishbia said, when he took the reins as the majority owner of the team, that he wanted to focus on the community. The Suns’ community. He has fortified that with every action since, and this is yet another example of how he recognizes the impact of those who care and dedicate their time to the Suns.

Thank you, Suns for how you’ve handled, how you’ve articulated, and how you’ve expressed gratitude for the efforts of Dave King. A class organization, indeed.

The only other thing that they could do to put the cherry on top of the appreciation sundae is to win a championship. Win a championship #ForDaveKing.

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