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SBN Reacts: There is optimism that the Suns, despite limited assets, will make a trade

Phoenix doesn’t have much to offer. Will it be enough to meet their roster needs via a trade?

Minnesota Timberwolves v Phoenix Suns Photo by Barry GossageNBAE via Getty Images

It’s a matter of hours before the trade deadline hits midnight. Or 1:00pm Arizona time. You know what I mean. If the Phoenix Suns want to make a move via the trade market, the eleventh hour is upon us. The Suns don’t have money options and fewer assets that are enticing to put on the open market.

It’s hard as a pigeon to attract attention away from those mesmerized by the peacocks out there.

That is what the Suns must do, however. They must sell hard on their position, doing whatever they can to make additions to the roster and hopefully push them over the top. Why? Because they have positional needs and opportunities.

The point guard has been an area of contention the entire season. Some think that Devin Booker’s move to becoming the primary facilitator isn’t best for the team. That he operates better as an off-ball two-guard. Booker has responded with a career-high 7.1 assists per game. But if Phoenix could bring in a quality backup, that would relieve some pressure off of the four-time All-Star.

Perhaps a backup big is what you believe Phoenix needs. Someone who can provide quality rebounding and help a team that is currently 18th in total rebounding and 24th in offensive rebounding. Is it an athletic wing that catches your fancy? Someone who is of the “3-and-D” variety who can help the bench unit succeed in multiple facets of the game?

Whatever the move is, 85% of Suns fans believe that the team must do something.

The assets are limited, as we laid out here.

Phoenix doesn’t have much firepower. They have some contracts they’d like to move off of, but even those contracts aren’t appealing. Yeah, I’m looking at you Nassir Little. Draft picks? The Suns don’t have very many of those, and of the ones they do have, they don’t have much control. Picks swaps and second-rounders. Fun stuff.

Despite the limitations that lay before them, the fan base has optimism that Phoenix will be a player in the trade deadline. 73% believe the Suns will make a trade.

We’re in the endgame now. Soon we will know if James Jones can pull something — anything — off with the little he has.

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