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Damon Allred has written for Bright Side of the Sun since 2021, later branching out to SB Nation at-large as well as Detroit Bad Boys. He loves to cover the NBA Draft and recently became an editor for Arizona Sports and KTAR in Phoenix.

Game Recap: Phoenix falls 109-104 as Blazers shoot the Suns out of the gym

It may be time for the Suns — at all levels — to take a look in the mirror and ask what team they want to be this season.

Open Thread: Former Suns vs. Former Blazers in Portland

Can the Suns keep up the solid fourth quarter scoring we saw against the Wizards?

Game Preview: Suns look to start winning streak with visit to Portland

Phoenix may have finally turned a corner with their first solid fourth quarter in quite some time.

Devin Booker’s clutch defense vs. Jalen Brunson

Brunson, who had 30 points through three quarters, had just five in the fourth.

Devin Booker is on his own tier of two-way superstar

It seems that not everyone understands yet just how impactful of a defender Booker is.

Open Thread: Should Footprint cheer or boo Deandre Ayton in his return?

Who’s going? Who’s booing? Who’s cheering?

Game Preview: Suns host Trail Blazers in Ayton’s first return to the Valley

Will we see Booker try to posterize Ayton?

Devin Booker’s manipulation of defenses shows his total control

Book has looked like the best version of himself in his three games played.

Open Thread: Book vs. Ant Man, Part I

Two premier perimeter stars match up for the first time this season

Game Preview: Suns big three set to debut versus the Wolves

Plus, the league’s best 2-guards face off.