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Managing Editor and credentialed media member since 2012. Contributor on Bright Side of the Sun since 2010. AZ sports blogger on as dking97 from 2005-2008.

Quick recap: Suns drop another fourth quarter, this time to Thunder 111-99

Same formula, different night

Suns 4th quarter meltdowns coming too often; let’s break it down

The Phoenix Suns lead the league with 3 blown fourth quarter leads this year, just ahead of the Warriors two

Final Score: Once again, the fourth quarter was not the Suns friend — lose to Lakers, 122-119

The Suns were up 10 points, but the Lakers suddenly started making every shot and held on for the win.

Open Thread: Lakers at Suns as part of colorful in-season tournament

Game Preview: Lakers at Suns, colorful courts, and the need for payback

The Suns not only lost their last game to a Lakers comeback, but lost their last two home games too. Gotta get that win!

Phoenix Suns guards Gordon, Allen have been great as fill-in offensive options, but that falls off a cliff in fourth quarter

With Devin Booker and Bradley Beal injured, Grayson Allen and Eric Gordon have been tasked with heavy loads

Suns Weekly Digest (Nov 6): A lot happened, what to make of it, and where to go from here, plus notes and quotes from team

Your weekly roundup of Phoenix Suns news, rumors, notes and videos from the prior week plus a preview of the week to come.

Suns going through heavy roster evaluation in real time action

Head Coach Frank Vogel is frustrated by the losses just like you, but he knows he needs time to figure things out.

Recap: Suns - Spurs blast Suns, 132-121, behind red hot shooting and Victor Wembanyama

Devin Booker nearly carried the Suns to the comeback, with the 31-13-9 night, but it was not enough

Game Preview: Suns to face Spurs again, looking for redemption in round TWO

Devin Booker is a game time decision, but even without Book the Suns should be able to get this win