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Managing Editor and credentialed media member since 2012. Contributor on Bright Side of the Sun since 2010. AZ sports blogger on as dking97 from 2005-2008.

Open Thread: Suns at Thunder

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SBN Reacts: Fans worried Suns will drop, but the numbers suggest 4th seed is safe

The Clippers, Mavericks or Warriors would have to suddenly become really great to overtake the Phoenix Suns for 4th seed

Suns need Okogie heroics to finally close out a tight win

The Phoenix Suns got a rare clutch win on an improbable block by Josh Okogie, including notes and quotes from postgame

New Suns could really use a Jae Crowder for this playoff run

Imagine a lineup with Kevin Durant and Jae Crowder alongside Booker, Ayton and Chris Paul

Quick Recap: Bucks down Suns, 116-104

Tough game for Suns fans during three of the four quarters...

Open Thread: Bucks at Suns

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Game Preview: League-leading Bucks visit Suns on mutual back-to-back

The Bucks enjoyed a big win over the Kings last night, while the Suns got pummeled early by the Warriors

Open Thread: Suns at Warriors

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Durant still has not faced Warriors in a new uniform since leaving

Golden State moved to the Chase Center after that 2019 Finals, haven’t seen Durant since

Suns will have to rely on defense to close out the season strong

Plus, a West playoff seeding update