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Suns Reacts Survey: Who’s the starting point guard? What’s the biggest need?

We ask Phoenix Suns fans to vote on their predictions for the next two weeks

Suns need depth, but can’t afford to go too far down that road

Sure, the Suns can trade down from Paul and Ayton, but they won’t win without a really good third player

The Suns don’t have a pick, but the NBA Draft could be pivotal to this season anyway

Even without a first round draft pick, the Phoenix Suns could make big moves in the 2023 NBA Draft

Goodbye, Chris Paul? Per Haynes, Suns will waive CP3 before his 2023-24 salary becomes fully guaranteed

Goodbye, Chris Paul.

Faigen on the good and bad of Frank Vogel

New Phoenix Suns coach Frank Vogel worked in LA for three years

Windhorst/Lowe: Vogel hire could mean Deandre Ayton stays with Suns

Vogel has a history of building top defenses around the center position

Mikal Bridges does yet another cool thing Deandre Ayton could never do

Suns picking Vogel shows they are all in on a short championship window

The Phoenix Suns want the same success as the 2019-20 Lakers, led by Vogel

Suns Reacts Survey: Predict the next Suns coach — Vogel, Rivers, Young... or someone we haven’t heard yet?

There’s some finalists, but also a lot of waiting around...

Pistons give Monty Williams up to $100 million not to take the next year off

Former Suns coach Monty Williams will make a ton of money with no expectations — the perfect job