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"I take the scenic route even when I’m on the block salute the trees, shoot the breeze and let the rocks talk"

Nash's New NOC Video - Steve is Jared Dudley's Father

Steve Nash has partnered up with The NOC on YouTube to make some pretty awesome short videos! Come check them out!

The NBA Hands Out Social Media Awards: Jared Dudley Wins BIG

Jared Dudley wins the "BIG" in the NBA's inaugural Social Media Awards

Phoenix Suns 2012 Draft Preview: Jeremy Lamb

Breaking down Jeremy Lamb for the Phoenix Suns in the 2012 NBA Draft

Phoenix Suns Draft Preview: Tyler Zeller

Phoenix Suns Player Review 2011-12: Sebastian Telfair, One Word. Hustle.

What grade did we give Suns back-up PG Sebastian Telfair? Come check it out !

Phoenix Suns Player Evaluation: Michael Redd

Over at the Bright Side we're doing our yearly player reviews - come check out what grade former All-Star Michael Redd received.

NBA Western Conference Playoff Standings Update: The Roller-Coaster Continues

A shake down of what the Western Conference Playoff Picture looks like as the season winds down.

Solar Flares - Suns Links and Stuff, 4/19/12

Catch today's Phoenix Suns Links right here on the Bright Side!

Solar Flares: Phoenix Suns Links and Stuff

Didn't have time to scour the interwebs for you daily Suns fix? I've got your back amigo! Come check out our links and stuff post to catch up on your favorite team!

Jamal Crawford Says He "Needs to Be Here in Phoenix"

Jamal Crawford told Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry that he "needs to be here in Phoenix" during last nights win over the Portland Trailblazers - come check out the details and discuss at the Bright Side!